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Each month, three new classes, plus a bonus workout class, are offered as part of the 36-class full VO2GoGo curriculum, covering the art, commerce and science of VO. Click to visit our live classes page for dates, times and locations, or click on any of the classes below: is the mothership of all well-paying VO jobs. Unlike other casting sites, you can’t just join Voicebank, you have to be invited – and this class will help you get an invitation. Learn how Voicebank was created, how the casting and production community use Voicebank to find talent for projects, how agents use Voicebank and how you can start to play with the pros.

If Voicebank is the mothership of all well-paying VO jobs, then Voiceregistry is the bridge to Voicebank for unrepresented VO talent. Learn how to use Voiceregistry to help build your profile in the VO community, get better at performance, and maximize your chances to meet the gatekeepers of the VO world – all with an eye towards eventually gaining access to Voicebank.

Legally and ethically turn non-union work into union work. In one of the most requested classes ever held, you will be walked through the process of becoming a producer, as well as voice talent, for the purposes of taking non-union work and covering it under your very own union production agreement.

Each month there is a 4th bonus class, a VO Workout Class, where attendees who have reserved Participant seats get up on mic, and work on various forms of VO copy, directed and adjusted by the instructor. MP3 recordings are sent to them via email.


“This is the best voice over training, ever.”

Inside you, there is a brilliant VO artist. Set it free, with VO2GoGo’s award-winning voiceover training and support.

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Meet your instructors.

Img2372Founder and lead instructor for VO2GoGo, David H. Lawrence XVII (SAG-AFTRA) brings a unique combination of skills to the world of performance and VO training. He created and teaches the…more
NM4L1677Trevor Algatt (SAG-AFTRA) is a writer, Ovation-nominated actor, and year-round competitive swimmer with SCAQ in Los Angeles. Like the cream cheese, he’s from Philadelphia. Trevor’s production…more
Actor-Karen-Eileen-GordonKaren-Eileen Gordon (SAG-AFTRA) is VO2GoGo’s Instructor in Florida, and teaches the VO2GoGo curriculum and day-long intensives for the tri-county areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, with future classes planned for…more

Here’s how VO2GoGo works.

Our goal is to give you the very best, most comprehensive voiceover training and help you create a satisfying, profitable VO career.

And we give you lots of ways to learn: in live classes, on video, via audio and in online classes that are fun and engaging, no matter where you are in your journey.

Working on-camera and wanting to add VO to your portfolio? You’re exactly where you need to be. The VO2GoGo curriculum is designed to complement the mad skills you already have on-camera, on stage and on commercials sets. We preach from the same pulpit as your favorite acting classes.

Already a working VO artist, looking for additional opportunities? Let us help you fill in the gaps of the skills, tech and business you may have heard about, but haven’t explored, like audiobooks and IVR. Pick and choose the classes that will fill in those knowledge gaps.

Just getting started and need pretty much everything? We can take you from zero to VO hero, teaching you voiceover skills in various VO categories, as well as the technology you need to audition and work, and up to the minute business skills you need to succeed.

You can come to any class you want, in-person in Hollywood, Burbank, Miami and as a live webinar, or anytime, 24/7/365, online here on the site. Just head on over to our VO2GoGo Classes page and sign up for the next available class.

Want to save money? If you’re planning on really immersing yourself in the VO2GoGo curriculum, we suggest you join the VO2GoGo Pro or ProPlus programs. For one low monthly subscription (that is $50 less than classes alone), you get your choice of live classes, the video classes for that month, the audio classes for that month, the online classes for that month and discounts and special privileges here on the site. You become a member of the inner circle of our VO2GoGo family, and you get unparalleled support. Watch this video for what a Pro member has to say about going Pro:

All we think about is how to make you successful. Go Pro today. And get working in voiceover faster than you ever thought possible.

VO2GoGo News

VO2GoGo Client Wins Audiobook Narration Competition

acx-logo-141x71Recently, at LA’s That’s Voiceover event, Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) announced the winners of a month-long competition for audiobook narrators, in which contestants read excerpts from classic novels. They were judged on their talent, production skills and technical acumen, and the two winners, one male, one female, were awarded a lucrative production contract from ACX.

We’re very proud to congratulate Steve Marvel, winner of the 2013 ACX Narration contest, and VO2GoGo client. Click the play button to hear Steve’s story.

If you’d like to take the same classes that Steve took, visit our live classes page, or instantly download the video classes Steve mentions in the video:

You can find the rest of the VO2GoGo vClasses here.