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When To Make An Exception to the “Only Audition for Stipend Books” Rule

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On ACX, you can get paid one of three ways to record an audiobook: a certain amount per finished hour (PFH), on a royalty share basis, or, in the best of all deals, a stipend book.

That’s an audiobook job that not only pays you a great rate per finished hour, but then sweetens the pot with the royalty share for every copy sold. So it’s like a combo deal.

I advise my students and clients to concentrate on auditioning for, and booking, stipend jobs. They guarantee you income even if the book doesn’t sell well.

But there is one case where I’d suggest you seriously consider a royalty share only book.

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The Inside Game

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“Observable realities.”

That’s a phrase I love – it helps me separate the solid, important and valuable advice, training and teachers I recommend, from the crappy, cheap, ineffective “support” that some organizations want to sell you.

I go with what I can see in terms of results. The observable realities help me determine whether I can recommend something, or wave you off and warn you to stay away.

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So…What Is Your “Big” Why?

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I’m sitting in Albuquerque as I write this, discussing with other entrepreneurs what their big “why” is.

We all have different businesses, and we each have a different “why” we do what we do.

And the conversation moved toward the sometime connection, sometime disconnection between your “why” and my “why.”

The reason customers engage with businesses may not coincide with what businesses think those reasons are.

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