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How to look busy at your survival job

Hey, there!

OK, so today’s post has little to do with the sometimes lonely, solitary existence we have when we’re sitting in our home studios, cranking out the auditions and work.

But some of us are still toiling away at a day job, yearning for the day that we can tell them, “Adios – I’m doing VO full time now!”

Until that day, that survival paycheck is crucial. And since Seinfeld is one of my fave shows, and George was the master at looking useful and busy, I thought I’d take a short detour from the VO tips and advice, and present to you (mostly because when I read it on Quora it made me snort my Doubleshot painfully thorough my nose as I laughed out loud):

George Costanza’s 10 Commendments for “Working Hard” (Even When You’re Not): Continue Reading →


So, How Does ADR Actually Work?

Hey, there!

Short and sweet today.

I got a note from one of my lovely VO2GoGO Pro members, Donya, who asked a simple question about an area of voice over work she’d heard me talk about in the Getting Started class.

New to the VO industry (she’s only been studying with me for a couple of months), she asked, “What exactly is ADR?”

Some of you may know that I have a separate site where I answer acting-related questions.

The answer to her question is here: Continue Reading →