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5 Ways To Avoid Having A Crappy Coffee Date With Me

Hey, there!

I love coffee dates.

I offer to have coffee dates with almost everyone I come in contact with.

Whether it’s someone wanting to learn how to get started in VO, someone who’s just arriving in LA to begin an acting career, or someone who want more information on Rehearsal, I’m all over coffee dates.

And as I’ve watch engaged, enthusiastic people make great use of their time with me, I’ve jotted down some of their best practices. I shared those with you in another article, which you can find here.

But, unfortunately, I’ve also watched actors squander their time with me, and I’ve noted those worst practices as well. Do any of these things, and you won’t get the best bang for your buck.

Here’s what you should never do on a coffee date. Continue Reading →


Announcing The New VO2GoGo Labs

Hey, there!

A brand new area on the VO2GoGo site has launched today, and is designed to give quick video guidance and skill building for voice over.

I figured, I’m creating all these useful videos for the classes in the VO2GoGo curriculum – why not let my students and clients see them without having to watch an entire class to find what they need?

It’s called The VO2GoGo Labs. It’s filled with great content. Here’s a sample. Continue Reading →