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How To Failsafe Your ACX Narrator Promo Codes

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Once you’ve completed an audiobook for ACX and it’s headed off to retail, you’ll receive 25 codes that you can use to give away copies of your new book.

The codes are meant to “kickstart” the rating and review process – you offer these codes to professional reviewers, friends and family to redeem your audiobook for free on Audible, and hopefully, write a glowing 5 star review.

But there’s a big scary problem with how ACX tells you to distribute your codes. I’ve got a solution, and a bonus benefit. Read on. Continue Reading →


Quick And Dirty Backup Of Important Stuff

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You’ve heard me talk in class and at workshops about the importance of having backups for all of your work, especially long term projects like audiobooks.

In my Managing Clients and Projects class, I share with you my admittedly insanely overengineered backup process, but for right now, I want to share with you a backup method that a lot of people overlook.


What? Yep. Continue Reading →