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Check Out The Inside Game

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Short and sweet today.

I recently was a guest speaker at SAG-AFTRA here in LA, and was on a panel with Michelle and Robert Colt, creators of The Inside Game, a fantastic class that shows you how to fine-tune your mindset for greater success as a performer. So, what if that information had a free introduction, and steps you could put to use today? Guess what…it does. Continue Reading →


How To Find inexpensive Audition Studios

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There are a number of studios that offer what are called “talent rates,” at usually around a dollar a minute: $10 for ten minutes, $20 for twenty minutes, and so on. This is usually for stopping by, doing an audition and sending it off. These rates are for VO talent that either have yet to install home/portable equipment, or are at the wrong end of town, or can’t get to your agency when a last minute audition comes in. Continue Reading →