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Spilling The Beans On Audiobook Narration (In A Great Way)

Hey there!

Dan O’Day just doesn’t know when to stop.

And you benefit from that – because I lost count of how many awesome tips for audiobook narrators in this new video.

There were so many that finally I gave up.

In this free audiobook narrator training video, Dan gives so much good information that you’ll want to take notes.

Remember my definition for success? It’s simple:

Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Well, what I liked even better was the candid “what works and how to do it” advice provided by voice actors who already are succeeding at audiobook narration.

This final video will be available for only a short time, so please click here to check it out now.

Hope this helps.



I’m Sick And Tired Of All The Misinformation

Hey there!

You know I’m all about the observable realities.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of erroneous information being given to people who want to be audiobook narrators.

You want straight answers about what it takes to make it as an audiobook narrator?

Here are the straight answers.

In this new video, my friend Dan O’Day addresses the most common misconceptions about what it takes to pursue a career narrating audiobooks, and be successful at it.

He also gives a lot of great tips for anyone who already is narrating audiobooks.

The video will be available for only a short time, so please click here to check it out now.

Hope this helps.



AUDITION ALERT: Seeking Male Narrator for ACX Title

Hey, there!

My lovely client, Emily, is in negotiations to be the female voice for a two-voice book (the other, male) on ACX.

She offered me the opportunity to be the male voice, but I am totally booked.

So, my loss could be your gain!

It’s a per-finished-hour book paying above union minimum rate ($200 PFH), and is obviously open to non-union as well (as all ACX titles are).

Maybe that narrator is…you? Or a narrator you might know?

Here are the details: Continue Reading →


Air Traffic Controller Now Audiobook Superstar!

air-traffic-vid01Here’s a link to a remarkable video you must see immediately.

It’s the true story of how a retired air traffic controller launched a new career as an audiobook narrator.

You see, air traffic controllers are forced to retire at age 56. But this guy wasn’t ready for the rocking chair.

So he became an audiobook narrator.

A year ago, no one had ever heard of him.

Today, he’s swamped with more narrating offers than he has time to do.

I have been so lucky to get to know him, and to witness, and be a part of his success.

Best of all, he’s the most likable guy in the world. Seriously. He’s a teddy bear.

Click here to check out the video now and let me know what you think, okay?

If the link somehow isn’t showing up, here it is:

Hope this helps.