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Hey there!

A lot of people consider me to be one of the very first people to podcast. I did a lot of it. And from that world, comes a tool that is very useful if you’re reading audiobooks, especially if you want to be compliant with ACX standards in one simple step. Continue Reading →


Why You Should Use Redirection

Hey, there!

You: “Um, what’s with the capital ‘R’ in the word ‘Redirection’ in the title of this post, David?”

Me: “I’m glad you noticed. And it’s capitalized because it’s really important. It can mean the difference between someone booking you for a VO job, or them booking someone else.”

You: “Wow. That does sound important.”

Me: “I know. Here’s why…” Continue Reading →


Getting Started As An Actor: Here’s How

Hey there!

I was recently asked on Quora to answer a question, and it was a whole lot of fun to do so.

Here’s what the question was:

Acting: How can one get started as an actor?

If you’re an actor, how did you get started? How did you get an agent? Did you study acting at university, or did you jump right in? How did you get connections? Cause right now all I can think to do is try to find something that looks interesting on Craigslist… Thanks for the advice!

I didn’t think I would spend as much time as I actually did to answer this question, but here’s what I said. Continue Reading →


How to Easily Add Special Spellings to Your iPhone

Hey there!

I love using “bb” for “baby” and other “enhanced” spellings when I text. Especially when I’m texting with VO2GoGo clients.

And my daughters.

But awhile back, I had to figure out how to stop my iPhone from dutifully trying to auto-correct everything I typed. There’s an easy way to force your iPhone to learn a new spelling.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but it works like a charm.

Here’s how. Continue Reading →