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The Perfect Heartbleed Cure – Dashlane

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This falls under the category of defending the success of your VO career via technology…keeping your passwords safe from HeartBleed.

If you’ve been online at all recently, you’ve heard about Heartbleed, the server-centric hole in certain versions of OpenSSL, the software that allows for (supposedly) secure transactions on the web – transactions at URLs that begin with https: instead of just http:.

Every site that has contacted their users has had one message: change your password for our site. (Our server was just fine, because my service provider was diligently updating our OpenSSL software.)

Every site, that is, except for one – because they were completely protected.

I’m here to tell you that there’s a better path, one that I chose to follow about two months ago, and am thrilled with.

It happens to be the same site that didn’t need to have its users change their password.

Here’s why it’s the perfect cure for Heartbleed. Continue Reading →


Why You Don’t Have To Beg For Feedback

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One of my lovely clients, Susan, wrote me recently. She was distraught.

She had been asking one of her high-profile clients, an author with a series of books she’d been hired to narrate via ACX, for feedback on her work. She was concerned because she was getting quick approval on her first 15 minutes, and then — radio silence.

But she was concerned about something else. Continue Reading →


Why I Fired A Client

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In our attempts to gather customers, to super serve them, to make sure they are happy, to completely satisfy them, to surprise and delight them — there is an exception to be made.

And that is the client that must be fired.

Why would you do that? Read on. Continue Reading →