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If Caroline can build a home VO studio, so can you

Hey, there!

My friend and Pro member Caroline Larson just dropped me a note that started with, “If I can do it, anybody can. :-)” (Smilie face included.)

And what she was talking about was a nifty little quiet recording space she set up in her not-so-quiet apartment.

And she’s right: if she can do it, so can you.

I’ll let her tell you the story, complete with pictures. Continue Reading →


The Art, Commerce and Science of VO

Hey there!

Creating and managing a voice over practice in today’s highly competitive, very technologically involved marketplace can be frustrating and challenging. One way to make that challenge less frustrating is to identify the different skills you need to master, and make sure you’re getting more and more expert at those skills.

But what are those skills? And how do you methodically pursue the right training to make sure that you are paying attention to the right areas of expertise?

I’ve been pretty successful, not only with my voice over and acting business, but with any business I’ve ever undertaken, by gaining expertise in 3 specific categories, and staying up to date with that training.

And although it took me awhile to recognize the universal truth that all businesses should be built on these 3 areas of expertise (took me over 2 decades, actually), having that information has, in particular, been key in creating and maintaining a successful, satisfying and profitable voice over and acting business. And I’ve built VO2GoGo’s curriculum around those three areas for you, specifically to help you learn what you need in these areas, completely “covering the waterfront.” So, with those big clues in the headline of this article, what are those three key areas? Continue Reading →



Hey there!

A lot of people consider me to be one of the very first people to podcast. I did a lot of it. And from that world, comes a tool that is very useful if you’re reading audiobooks, especially if you want to be compliant with ACX standards in one simple step. Continue Reading →


Why You Should Use Redirection

Hey, there!

You: “Um, what’s with the capital ‘R’ in the word ‘Redirection’ in the title of this post, David?”

Me: “I’m glad you noticed. And it’s capitalized because it’s really important. It can mean the difference between someone booking you for a VO job, or them booking someone else.”

You: “Wow. That does sound important.”

Me: “I know. Here’s why…” Continue Reading →