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Rehearsal Pro Is On The Way

Hey, there!

Big day today.

SAG-AFTRA election results on the way a Voices Anonymous meetup later…

Lots going on.

Oh, and I promised a (big!) announcement about Rehearsal Pro, the app for actors (and VO talent!), and here it is (via video!):

Can’t wait for you to be involved!

Hope this helps!



A Big Announcement This Afternoon

Hey, there!

Short and sweet: at noon Pacific Time this afternoon, I’ll be making a video announcement about the future of my app, Rehearsal.

I’ll also be letting you know how you can play a role in helping to shape what that future looks like!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 1.17.48 AM

Stay tuned!



Fairy Tales And False Hopes

Hey, there!

As actors and VO artists, we want answers to our career questions. Sometimes, like primitive cavemen, if we can’t find those answers, we’ll accept what others tell us if we hear it enough, no matter what amount of truth those answers contain.

One of those false answers has to do with IMDB and the action of “liking” an IMDB profile. Continue Reading →


VIDEO: Are Auditions Causing You A Complete Meltdown?

Hey there!

On-camera, VO, commercials, theatre…we find ourselves as performers being asked to open our little suitcases and show the buyers our wares.

Auditioning can be the most stressful actions we’re asked to take. I watch people sweat bullets in the waiting room, and always have the same piece of powerful advice.

Just listen to what Michael Kostroff has to say about it.

And what’s his most powerful piece of advice? Continue Reading →