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The Neti Pot

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I’m going to warn you up front: what I’m about to share with you is not for everyone. I’m not even sure how I came to be comfortable with using this device, but I did. And since I started using it, I’m almost never stuffed up, never at a loss to do voice work because of congestion. I’ve never been more healthy, head-wise. But…it is a little…odd. Continue Reading →


How to Make Links Irresistibly Clickable

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Part of your job as a VO performer is to create a strong presence on the Internet, with your social networking, your placement and profiles on casting sites, and the creation of your own personal web presence. Paying attention to every detail includes paying attention to how you write captions, headlines, sub heads, and links.

Yes, all those pieces of microcopy need to be…written.

So. What’s the secret of writing good microcopy? Continue Reading →


Rehearsal® Pro Debuts In The App Store

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Short and sweet: after nearly 4 years of development, Rehearsal® Pro is now available in the iTunes App Store. It is a complete redesign of the industry standard Rehearsal® 2, and includes over 150 new actor-friendly features and benefits.

One of those benefits is an easy-peasy way to do VO auditions anywhere in the world, and submit the MP3 right from your iPhone or iPad.

It’s been getting great reviews, and I hope you take a look at it:

Hope this helps.