Anne Ganguzza

AnneGan-vo2gogoAnne Ganguzza is VO2GoGo’s Instructor in Orange County, and teaches the VO2GoGo curriculum and day long intensives in the Irvine, CA location. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in corporate and educational training, and has been successfully mentoring and coaching voiceover students for over six years.

A full time professional voice actor, coach, and producer located in Orange County, CA, Anne Ganguzza is passionate about all things voiceover, and has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality which she brings to all students who work with her.

Her love for teaching, combined with her extensive VO career experience, helps her students to develop a broad range of current, real world skills. The classes that she teaches include all categories of VO skills, as well as instruction in VO career management, including Commercial VO I, II and III, Documentary Narration, IVR and Phone Prompts, Animation and Videogames. Fiction Audiobooks, Non-Fiction Audiobooks, Children’s Audiobooks, Trailers and Promos, Training and Industrials, Specialty Narration, News and Info Products, and Digital and Internet VO, as well as Home VO Gear, The Art of Self-Direction, Perfect VO Demos, Mastering ACX, Mutual Muscles, Mastering Voice123, Managing VO Clients and Projects, Social Networking For VO, Becoming a Union Signatory, Auditioning with Audacity, Recording Audiobooks with Audacity, Marketing VO Services, Getting and Keeping a VO Agent and Creating Your Own VO Content. There are also three classes for review/tuneup at the end of each year.

She also offers individual coaching and mentoring for students interested in the industry and works out of her Irvine studio, or one on one via Skype or phone.

Her undeniable passion for voiceover and sharing her knowledge with others also inspired her to form the local meetup group for voice over artists affectionately known as the VO Peeps. Her founding mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals, but also to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing member’s voice over skills and their voice-over business. Each meet-up features educational segments with leading industry professionals covering a wide variety of topics relevant to helping members succeed in the business.

In January 2012, Anne created the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund, a fund dedicated to both need and merit based educational scholarships to qualified members of the voiceover community. Since its inception, the fund has awarded over $7,500 in monies and scholarships.

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Praise for Anne

Here’s what some of Anne’s students have to say:

“This was my first VO2GoGo offering and while I surely left the table feeling satisfied, I want more, more, more. I’ll definitely be back for seconds! The Voicing Commercials [class] is well-thought to hold attention and prompt interaction. Anne Ganguzza is a gracious host and excellent instructor. She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear.”
Yvonne Schwemmer
Voice Talent

“She’s the best…I am proud to tell the world…She is an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks for everything Anne!”
Jason Robert Hoskins
Voice Talent and Actor

“Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track… For those who are just beginning their journey in the voice over industry, or if you are an established media veteran who may be looking to go to the “next level” Anne Ganguzza is the one you want to work with. As a professional television sports anchor and play-by-play commentator, I have 25 years of on camera experience in large markets. However, becoming a voice over talent required me to learn a different way to use my voice and delve deeper into how I can become better and more versatile. After working with Anne over the past year I have not only improved my on camera delivery but now I am a legitimate voice over artist with a wide range of skills as well as a phenomenal demo that Anne produced. If becoming a successful voice over talent is what you desire Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track.”
Todd Romero
Altitude Sports and Entertainment

“Anne Ganguzza was simply outstanding! I learned so much, plus she gave me the encouragement which brought out a better effort than I thought possible. Anne is great to work with and a tremendous coach!”
Mike Kreger
VO artist

“Anne is very passionate about her work, and an exuberant, dynamic leader and speaker. I found myself in a Voice Talent Meetup Group, and was hoping to leave with some real “hands on tools” I could use in my Voice Over work. I have to say that I left with inspiration, excitement, and ALOT of fun, new, innovative ways that I can further grow my business. Anne Ganguzza is charming, funny, full of real specific,practical, tools that have a proven track record,due to her obvious success in the Voice Over World. I would go see her all over again tomorrow!”
Ashley Birtwell
Voice Talent

“Thank you so much for the really helpful class. I really learned such a lot from you and feel really lucky to have had so much individual attention and encouragement – it is always such a pleasure to be in your company. Thank you again!”
Elizabeth Livingstone Wallner
Voice Talent

You can reach Anne via email at

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