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Seven great VO success questions

Hey, there!

I’m a member of a number of LinkedIn VO groups, and in one of them, someone asked how they could tell if they would be successful at VO.

And before I could answer with my ideas, a guy named Dave Wallace pointed the poster to seven great questions to ask before jumping into VO as a career.

Here they are. Continue Reading →

3 Must-Read ‘Mindset’ Books for Voiceover

Hey, there!

Trev here — VO2GoGo instructor for the monthly intensives in Hollywood.

Today, I’d like to share 3 “mindset” books that have informed and shaped my approach to creative work in huge ways. Books full of lessons, tools, and new language to wrap around age-old concepts. Books that bring clarity to that often foggy intersection of creativity and business—especially voiceover. Continue Reading →