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5 Ways To Have An Excellent Coffee Date With Me

Hey, there!

I love coffee dates.

I offer to have coffee dates with almost everyone I come in contact with.

Whether it’s someone wanting to learn how to get started in VO, someone who’s just arriving in LA to begin an acting career, or someone who want more information on Rehearsal, I’m all over coffee dates.

And as I’ve watch engaged, enthusiastic people make great use of their time with me, I’ve jotted down some of their best practices. Use these, and you’ll get a lot more out of the time we spend together. Here’s what you should be thinking when asking me on a coffee date. Continue Reading →

How To Quote Turnaround Time on VO Projects

Hey, there!

This falls squarely in the category of Commerce in our Art, Commerce, Science framework. In class, Karen asked a question about turnaround of VO work.

She’d been quoting 24 hour turnaround for finished voice tracks. But now, a client wanted her to voice, and EDIT, an audiobook, and that would be considerably more time.

Plus, the client had started sending her copy at the end of the day.

How do you handle this? Continue Reading →

How To Have A Great Zoom Workout Session With Me

Hey, there!

I coach voice over talent in a number of areas, including the traditional performance coaching for VO artists. And I love the transformations that occur during coaching sessions (I call them private workouts).

When I work out with someone, I can either do it live, in-person in my Los Angeles studio, or I can do it live and in-person, but over Zoom, the audio and video conferencing system.

And lately, I’ve suggested far more often that my clients and I hold our sessions via Zoom, even if they live within driving distance – for one very important reason. Continue Reading →

Using a Placeholder VO Demo

Hey, there!

I had the opportunity to be on a phone conference with Gabby Nistico. She’s a former radio air personality, current radio imaging queen, bitchy voice talent (her words), VO casting director and HBIC over at vocareer.com. She’s come up with an awfully clever thing to do with that lack of demos in your Voice123 and Voices portfolio.

I mean, really clever. Read on. Continue Reading →