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Forest – An App To Help You Focus

Hey there!

Trevor Algatt, here — I’m one of the L.A.-based VO2GoGo instructors.

I’m sure you’ve noticed:

The world is noisier than ever. News, email, mobile notifications, the siren call of social media… There are no limits to the demands on our attention, and giving in to these demands often means missing out on doing meaningful, productive, profitable work—especially as home-based VO artists.

Here’s an app that can help keep you on task. Continue Reading →

How Steve P. Young Got Me To Talk About Rehearsal and Podcasting

Hey, there!

Short and sweet:

I was recently guest on Steve P. Young’s audio podcast called “App Masters – Mobile Growth Hacking & App Marketing.” Slightly NSFW.

If you have an idea for an app, and wanted to hear what it’s like to bring an app to the marketplace, give this a listen. We also touch on rejection, business and serving a tribe, my title as “the first podcaster ever,” even what I tell myself when I walk into an audition that helps me book.

Want to listen? Check it out: Continue Reading →

Latest Audacity Version Breaks My Stairstep Method: Here’s The Fix

Hey there!

I’d started seeing rumblings that the latest version of Audacity (as of this writing in early 2018), 2.2.1, changes a fundamental behavior when recording.

That behavior is essential to the time-saving, high-quality stairstep method of Audacity editing that I teach, for both audiobook and other work.

After hearing about this, I investigated and found that the rumblings were right on.

But…the good news is, there’s an easy fix. Continue Reading →

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling – Rule 15

Hey there!

I can’t stress storytelling enough, and how important it is to your VO career to develop and hone your storytelling skills.

It’s essential.

So, every so often, I like to roll out items from this list from Emma Coats, who used to work at Pixar as a story artist, and who serially tweeted Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

I’m sharing with you one of these rules every so often, along with how you can apply each rule to your VO artistry.

Today, Rule 15… Continue Reading →