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The Even Cheaper AT-2020 Microphone

Hey, there!

The AudioTechnica AT2020 USB Plus (+) microphone is my favorite. It has an amazing sound, amazing portability, a headphone jack, and it also plugs in nicely via the Apple Camera Adapter to your iPad, should a Mac or PC not be around.

And it’s really inexpensive.

But is it possible for it to be even less expensive? Like, just $60??


Here’s why. Continue Reading →

On How Easy VO Isn’t

Hey, there!

When I talk to my students and clients, and prospective students and clients, I never seem to hear how easy they think VO is going to be to break into. They think it’s going to be extraordinarily hard.

And guess what? They’re right.

Until it isn’t anymore.

So. What’s the secret to making VO easy? Continue Reading →

How To Pick Your New Stage Name

Hey, there!

I had an opportunity to meet with an actor the other day whose real name was really simple. When she joined SAG-AFTRA, she had to add a couple of initials to it to make it unique.

It got me thinking that there are some other extremely important considerations you need to think about besides whether or not anyone already uses that name in SAG-AFTRA. Continue Reading →

How To Attach The AT-2020 To A Standard Microphone Stand

Hey, there!

The number one question I’m asked about this amazing mic, the AT-2020 USB Plus (in all it’s various incarnations, including the Plus) from audio-technica, is:

“Why won’t my AT-2020 fit on my mic stand?”

I got not one, but two emails and a frantic phone call in the last couple of days, all asking the same question.

The most desperate of the calls came on Friday morning.

Leticia was beside herself. Continue Reading →

Background Recording with Audacity

Hey, there!

Audacity records perfectly, even when you can’t see it.

In class the other day, I casually mentioned viewing your scripts on your screen when auditioning, rather than printing them out. And it quickly became apparent that several of the students didn’t think that was possible.

It is. Here’s how. Continue Reading →