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Lock Down Your WordPress Sites – Step 2 of 2

Hey, there!

There is a constant, world-wide war being waged against WordPress sites. And in the last post, I gave you one thing you could do right away to help you stay safe: change your WordPress administrator User’s username to something other than “admin.”

You did that, right?


And I promised you one more thing that would finish the bad guys off for good. Here it is. Continue Reading →

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling – Rule 3

Hey there!

I can’t stop talking about about storytelling, and how important it is to your VO career to develop and hone your storytelling skills.

It’s essential.

So, every so often, I like to roll out items from this list from Emma Coats, who used to work at Pixar as a story artist, and who serially tweeted Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

I’m giving you one of these rules every so often as we move through the next several months, along with how you can apply the rule to your VO artistry.

Today, Rule 3… Continue Reading →

Great sound intake

Hey, there!

I was over on LinkedIn the other day, and Tiffany posted this question in a VO group I’m in there:

Does anyone have a recommendation for laptop w/ great sound intake? Not looking for a mac just pc……

Puzzled at the phrasing of the question, I tried to help. And this is what I said. Continue Reading →

Beyond Voice Over: How Your Voice Can Ruin Opportunity

Hey, there!

I’m hoping that what you learn from me about how to use your voice to create a profitable and satisfying VO career can be used in other areas of your life.

But using your voice incorrectly in everyday life can be devastating. And here’s a prime example.

You may be destroying your chances at business success in life, just by the way you speak.

Fast Company published an article recently, describing 4 different speech patterns you need to get rid of if you want to succeed in business.

And you can thank Kim Kardashian for at least one of them. Continue Reading →