How to Make Links Irresistibly Clickable

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Part of your job as a VO performer is to create a strong presence on the Internet, with your social networking, your placement and profiles on casting sites, and the creation of your own personal web presence. Paying attention to every detail includes paying attention to how you write captions, headlines, sub heads, and links.

Yes, all those pieces of microcopy need to be…written.

So. What’s the secret of writing good microcopy?

You would think that while we take a lot of time writing copy for the pages of our websites, and sometimes pay others to do the work for us, that we’d take just as much time writing the larger and more attention-grabbing pieces of short and sweet copy on our sites, the microcopy that heads articles, calls out quotes, guides our visitors from page to page, and, in particular, provides them with links to things we want them to see.

But today, I want to talk about links.

Constructing a simple link can be far more involved than you might think. It’s not just writing the copy, but also avoiding the urge to be too clever with our link coloring and text decoration.

You’ll notice that all of the links on, and in this newsletter, are blue underlined pieces of text.


Because I want people to instantly recognize them, rather than have the experience of not even knowing that a piece of text is a link, unless they happened to click on them, or hover over them by mistake. Don’t make your visitors work harder than they have to.

As to the link copy itself, be brief, concise, accurate and alluring. Only link a few words, not an entire sentence. Make those words the most important, descriptive and accurate words in the sentence.

And for extra credit, try to leave a little mystery, a little game, to the link itself. And you can even link different parts of the sentence to the same destination, and give your visitors choice of motivation.

Not so good: Click here to learn more.
(Lots of people tap these days, as opposed to clicking. And learn more about what? You mean I have to read some preceding sentence to find out what?)

Good: Here’s how to make your VO demo even better.
(Not the whole sentence, please.)

Better: Here’s how to make your VO demo even better.
(A phrase that makes me want to find out how.)

Even better: Here’s how to make the most important tool you have as a VO artist fantastic.
(Declarative, accurate and enticing – it makes you wonder what that tool is.)

Masterful: Here are 99 ways to make damn sure your VO demo doesn’t suck.
(Provocative. Involving. A bit of fun and mystery. Two links to choose from.)

Have a style. Have a point of view. Have…a voice.

Even with the lowly, mundane, common link.

Hope this helps.


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