The Amazing Workshop That Forever Changed My Audition Process

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On-camera, VO, commercials, theatre…we find ourselves as performers being asked to open our little suitcases and show the buyers our wares.

Auditioning can be the most stressful actions we’re asked to take. I watch people sweat bullets in the waiting room, and, when asked how I approach auditioning, always have the same piece of powerful advice.

“Just listen to what Michael Kostroff has to say about it.”

Want to know what this amazing actor has to say about it?

Michael has a lot to say, frankly. And the biggest thing is this:

Don’t make the mistake of creating rules for yourself about auditioning that aren’t even close to being true.

You already know Michael knows what he’s talking about. Look at that mug up there – that’s him, and you’ve seen him everywhere: TV, film, stage…the man has a MORE button on his IMDB page.

Happily, he’s wrapped it all in an awesome live seminar, a gleefully big package with a beautiful bow on it, and called it Audition Psych 101.

The one I attended years ago here in LA was 4 hours long. And the time flew by. And it was more powerful than any seminar I’ve ever taken on the audition process.

And he’s coming back to LA – on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from 2p to 6p at the Crown City Theater, his LA home-away-from-home.

Here’s the website to find out more:


In the comments below, tell me what scares you the most when it comes to auditioning. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. What you say will help everyone.


PS: Wait.


I called Michael up on Skype the last time he was on his way here, and chatted with him about the session. The dates will be wrong in this video, but the info is amazing and timeless. Enjoy.

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  1. Veleka April 14, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    • David Lawrence April 14, 2017 at 3:12 pm #

      Veleka…you should contact him and see if he’ll come down to NO for your students and the rest of the performance community.

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