The Crucial Piece Of VO Audition Real Estate We Totally Ignore

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When you sit down to audition for a VO project, you probably have a process you follow.

It involves making choices, positioning the mic properly, fashioning an MP3 and making sure it’s in on time, yes? Going for quality, and hoping you’ve given them something they want.

I think there’s one thing, no matter what your process, that you’re probably paying too little attention to. And this one thing can be the difference between booking and not booking.

What do you think that might be?

It’s our slate. Rarely do I listen to an audition where much thought is given to the slate.

It’s just for identification, after all…right?

It’s just so you can warm up the voice you’ve chosen to use in your audition, right?

It’s sometimes…absent. Because someone somewhere on a casting site gravely warned you not to slate your audition…right?

If any of those items are applicable, I can help you fix that instantly.

I think there are some really simple things you can do to make that part of your audition shine…and in the process, increase your booking rate.

And I’ve created my second full video class this week that discusses this.

And it’s absolutely free. No charge whatsoever – and the difference in your auditioning will be profound.

I want you to have what I have: a profitable and satisfying voice over career. And increasing your booking rate starts with how you audition. And how you audition starts with how you slate.

Get the second lesson at:


(I wanted to make the URL as simple as I could, and what better way than simply looking forward to the new year!)

After you watch the video, leave a comment below it, and tell me what you want out of your VO career. Tell me what you’re happy with, what worries you, what you’re curious about. I’ll be answering more of those questions in the third lesson.

Hope this helps!


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