The Most Important (Audio)Book In Memory

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If like me, you grew up with Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird as a favorite coming-of-age book, and one I studied in English or Literature class, you might be familiar with the story of the recently-discovered new book from Lee, a sequel to, but written years before her most famous work, called Go Set A Watchman.

I’ve been looking forward to its release since it was announced.

And now, it’s out.

Want to listen to the first chapter, read by Reese Witherspoon, for free?

Here’s where you can do just that, in a lovely multimedia presentation.

And as a voice over performer, listen to the storytelling skills of the narrator, who uses pace, emphasis, and her native accent to create the world of Scout and Atticus Finch, and set the stage for a prequel that has already been called out for being controversial.

The UK newspaper, The Guardian, has created a lightly interactive page that gives you that first chapter, along with animated backdrops that add a little something while you’re listening.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 7.07.32 PM

Click to hear Chapter 1

You can also read the text, but I suggest that you simply listen to Witherspoon’s Mid-Southern accent bring this amazing new work to life.

When you’re finished, go here to get your copy of this amazing, important new audiobook.


Click to get the audiobook

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  1. Lawrence Wallison July 13, 2015 at 6:56 am #

    As a newbie, what strikes me is how her narration feels as effortless as it is compelling. Superior writing is a big part of it as well, but it’s Witherspoon who keeps you listening. I’m really impressed how she presents two MALE voices set off distinctly from the rest of her sentences.

    I’ve always thought my practice sounds clunky with too much space between voice and description; now I realize it sounds/feels muddled because there’s TOO LITTLE space. Her phrasing breaks and pace sound perfectly natural.

    This is really instructive – and every bit what you’ve taught us in class.

    Thanks so much for posting such an excellent example of professional book narration.

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