The One Big Advantage Of Webcast Classes

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A couple of months ago, one of my VO2GoGo student-clients was disappointed that he couldn’t reserve a Participant seat in one of the in-person live VO2GoGo classes. Fact is, the class he wanted was sold out.

And when I suggested he jump in as a participant in the live webcast class I was teaching, he thought it was a lesser option.

But…all that changed when he realized one big advantage to taking the webcast class.

Here’s the note he sent me:


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you thank you thank you for suggesting that I take this month’s online Internet-based class.

I didn’t think it was going to be as fun or effective as being in the Burbank class – you know, lots of people, a break for lunch, working out in front of the class on the microphone, with you there to give your coaching.

But I was wrong! So wrong! First, I was in my jammies. I’ll man up and admit that. I wanted to be comfortable, you know?

And, I could grab a snack any time I wanted. So that was cool.

But here’s the biggest advantage, and it was a great great great thing to discover: when I took the live webcast class, I still “worked out” in front of the class, with your coaching and direction and all the other people online listening, AND (this is the biggie) I was working on OWN MY HOME EQUIPMENT, so I could see how everything you were talking about would be usable in MY STUDIO, right then and there.

(I don’t know if you remember, but at one point, you asked me to measure how far away I was from the microphone, by making the Boy Scout Salute and placing myself that far away from my AT2020. That was great, because I was too far away! And I was able to do that RIGHT THEN, and my takes sounded so much better!)

So I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting I take the live webinar version of the class. I still love coming in to the live in-person class, but the webinar class has it’s own advantages.



I’m so glad David realized this – I’ve designed the online class around that very thing: using your computer, your AT2020 USB Plus, your earbuds, your sock and in your home studio space, so you can instantly put what you’re learning to use.

And you can sign up for this month’s classes here.

Hope this helps.


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