Want To Be A Podcaster? Help Us Create A VO2GoGo Class For That

Hey, there!

I often get questions from my students and clients about how to to start using their storytelling skills to start a podcast.

Well, I’ve decided to create a class on how to do just that.

But…I want your input on what you’d like to learn.

As one of the first and most prolific podcasters in the world, I’ve often thought about creating a class to show people how to start podcasting.

I started in the mid-90’s before it was called podcasting, and have done over 12,000 podcast episodes since then – I even had a jingle series made for it:

(Yep. I’m a radio jingle freak. Guilty as charged.)

To that end, Trevor Algatt (one of our VO2GoGo instructors and the co-host of a terrific podcast you should subscribe to called Inside Acting) and I spoke this morning, and we’re going to create a bonus class for the VO2GoGo curriculum called Mastering Podcasting.

So…I have a question for you (and you can give me your answer in the comments below).

What do you want to know about podcasting?

Be as complete with your comment as you can, so we can make sure to cover the art, commerce and science you need to create your new podcast.

Examples might include: equipment needed, publishing, artwork, integrating with your blog, working with iTunes, interviewing techniques, co-hosting, RSS feeds, and more – it’s all fair game.

And don’t just say “all that” – I want to know what you’re confused about, what you have no idea how to accomplish, what scares you – be complete in your reply.

Go for it! (And yes, this class will be free as one more benefit for our VO2GoGo Pro members, and will be inexpensive – $75 – for everyone else.)

So, in the comments below, feel free to tell me in great detail what you’d like to learn in a podcast class. Be as specific as you like, and don’t hold back.

Hope this helps.


4 Responses to Want To Be A Podcaster? Help Us Create A VO2GoGo Class For That

  1. Melissa Hereford April 19, 2017 at 7:19 pm #

    All the things you mentioned plus how to be an awesome storyteller, use your voice to engage, get an audience, get great and unique guests, create a clear publishing schedule, creating a backlog of interviews so you’re not stressing about what to post, integrating social media to share episodes, how to be a great interviewer, integrating content into my course offering to be sure the podcast is helping me sell my course. Just off the top of my head!

  2. David Ballard aka New Dayve April 20, 2017 at 9:46 am #

    I am finally getting my first podcast up and running, and it has been very confusing/tedious figuring out all the steps that you need to take to actually get the podcast out into the world.

    So my suggestion would be to make the class very “work flow”–oriented, so people would learn not only what to do but in what order.

    We live in a world where everybody is always more than happy to send you a link to something, thinking that that will help you get your goal accomplished – when what is really needed is a detailed, numbered list that you can go down in an “idiot–proof” manner, so that when you get to the end of the list, your goal has been achieved.

    So, long story short: PODCAST WORKFLOW.

  3. stephen rice April 20, 2017 at 3:47 pm #

    My friend sent me the link to find you guys as he was on my podcast. So my questions are:
    Is it realistic to move from a commentary based podcast to narrative based without a staff or any experience.
    Is learning the art of storytelling achievable with a full time job. I hired a producer and a writer and couldn’t get it done and burnt myself out.
    Why is radio so hard? just joking but I have to appreciate those who put out good or great content and recognize just how talented these folks are.
    Maybe my problem was, I just didn’t want a podcast, I wanted a great podcast and with no radio experience. I sometimes feel guilty that I have a mixer, Limited gate compressors, zoom recorder, and 3 mics collecting dust.But on the other hand I handled the website, social media, editing, story development, and the host. Not to mention the artwork, scoring music, finding music, I think it is cruel to help people get into podcasting, they have no ideas how much work goes into a successful podcast. Just kidding guy best of luck and hope my questions ..slash whining helped.

  4. Amanda Serra April 20, 2017 at 8:12 pm #

    Hi David!
    Yes, yes!! I’d like to know how to design a snazzy app, how to launch an app and its cost (oh the humanity). Also, how to record for the app (do you levelate, or normalize?), where to get bumper music (preferably for free), inputting two mics for interviews, attracting and attaching ads. And of course whatever else I don’t know…

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