Why Everyone Can Audition For Non-Union VO Work

Hey, there!

I know. You’re a union dude/dudette, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Not me. Not if I want to stay straight with SAG-AFTRA.”

Actually, you are being too hard on yourself.

Read on, brother/sister.

This is in the category of “cool things you’ll learn in a VO2GoGo class.”

See, Voice123 asks you, when you fill out your profile, if you’re in the union(s) (it will take them awhile to catch up to the SAG-AFTRA merger). And you should answer correctly.

But even if you’re in the union, and despite Global Rule One, which essentially says you can’t do non-union work, you can audition for non-union jobs.

The union actually wants you to. And if you get it, you can do one of two things.

First, you can let the organizing staff at SAG-AFTRA know this, and get them on the case to seek union coverage for the job.

Second, you can form a production company and become a signatory to the union contracts, just like Oprah, Tyler Perry, Dick Clark and others, if you’re able to do production work – you can then decide if the project is worth you being the producer on it. (There’s a lot that goes into that path, so we’ll talk more about that in the future – but you can take a video class from me on Becoming A Union Signatory right now.)

Of course, the producer has to decide to go union for you to be able to TAKE the job, but you can always AUDITION for it.

Hope this helps.


2 Responses to Why Everyone Can Audition For Non-Union VO Work

  1. Donna Summers December 14, 2013 at 10:13 am #

    Hi David, t

    Thanks for sharing this. Please, please ask talent to let the client or agent know up front if they are going to want to do a union contract. Nothing is more disappointing to a client or a talent agent than to find the perfect talent for the job and then the rules are changed after the client books the talent! I once lost a good client over this very issue. Now I just ask talent to let me know first how they would like to book the job so there are no surprises and we have time to work out the details.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all you do! We are currently booking audiobook talent for paid jobs. Please let me know if you have any talent that might be interested in auditioning.

    Best regards,

    Donna Summers

  2. Kyle McCarley July 3, 2016 at 7:20 am #

    Dick Clark passed away four years ago; you might want to update that reference :P

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