VO Workouts

Instead of working abs and glutes, work your vocal cords.

Want to work in private with David on specific VO skills or managing your VO career?

Don’t need an explanation? Schedule your private 30 minute VO workout or 60 minute VO workout now.

Spend 30 or 60 minutes (your choice) with David, working on whatever you like:

  • practicing cold reads
  • tackling difficult copy
  • learning self-direction by being directed
  • working on your marketing
  • recording a big audition
  • prepping for a job
  • developing a character

…whatever you want. Work in David’s Burbank studio, or over the phone or Skype – whatever works for you. From anywhere in the world, when you need it most, or when you just want to work on your mad skillz. And all sessions are recorded live and the MP3 is sent to you after the session is over for your review and further practice

It’s private. Just you and David, taking your VO practice where you want it to go.

It’s remarkably affordable.

30 minutes is $100, 60 minutes is $175. Click the appropriate link below to set the time and date of your choosing – you won’t be asked to pay (paypal or google checkout) until David confirms his availability with you.

Schedule a 30 minute VO Workout by clicking here.

Schedule a 60 minute VO Workout by clicking here.

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