Welcome to Camera Ready U!

This course is currently under development, but if you want my help looking great on camera immediately, I offer one-on-one coaching for on-camera performance. If you need me now, just email me at davidlawrence@gmail.com.

It’s absolutely astounding how video-centric our world is.

And it’s not just videos we’re watching…

…it’s videos we’re asked to appear in. Skype, FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, your own productions…no matter what you do for a living, video is now a part of your life.

You simply have to know how to step in front of the camera, and…shine.

If you’d like to do that – go “pro” with your on-camera work – I’ve got a nice surprise for you.

I’m creating a brand new training curriculum, designed to take you from zero (or wherever you are) to hero when you step in front of the camera.

I’ll hold your hand all the way through on everything from equipment to performance, and we’ll dive a mile deep into each area of expertise in which you need to excel.

It’s called CameraReadyU. And I’ll be opening up registration for this incredible course very soon.

Whether you consider yourself an actor, a business person, or both (and you are both, whether you know it or not) – this in-depth course will give you everything you need to sparkle when you go on-camera.

We’ll not only show you what you need to know, but we’ll take you from knowing to doing.

Before each module, you’ll make a video just as you jump into that module’s lessons, and then, using what you’ve learned, you’ll make another at the end of the module. And I’ll work directly with you on each of your videos.

We’ll have regular viewing parties where we look at student work, discuss the material, and learn from each other’s on-camera work.

And there will be a private Facebook group, just for CRU students to pick up golden nuggets from each other and from me. I’ll be right there with you, the whole way.

I’ll have more information for you soon, but take a moment to sign up for the notification list, so I can tell you when we’re getting close.

Get notified!

I’d love to work with you, helping you get the skills you need to kill it on-camera. If you’d like to be notified when we have more information here on the site, join our no-ads CRU email list (and, you’ll get a special bonus when you confirm!):

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