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Professional voiceover talent knows that to be successful, the very first tool you need is a commercial demo: a short (one minute or so) reel of examples of what your voice would sound like to the consumer if you actually booked the job. That means being as realistic and authentic in your production as you possibly can. Some demos are made from work you’ve already done, perhaps from spots airing on radio, TV or the Internet. Other demos, including the very first demo you make, will be wholly created – a demonstration of what you’re capable of doing in the studio.

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VO2GoGo offers award-winning demo production for actors and voiceover talent, providing on-the-spot low-cost, high-quality voice demos, tracked and produced in our studios in Los Angeles (or we can produce from anywhere you happen to beget details on our remote demo production service here), usually in just a couple of hours, for a flat rate of just $999 each. That’s about 1/2 to 1/4th of what you’d spend at any other studio, coach or with a voiceover demo “expert” (we love voiceover coaches and studios – we just think that some of them charge way too much for demos).

The audience of one.

Each type of VO2GoGo demo, from commercial to narration, from audiobook to IVR, from promo and trailer to animation and voicematching, is designed to do one thing: completely immerse the buyer of that type of voice work in how you’d sound to their customer. For commercial casting people, your demo has you stepping out of the speakers of radio and television. For IVR, you walk the phone prompt buyer through an actual IVR tree, touch tones and all. For narration, the network producer is transported to a world where you serve the picture and story. And each demo has the perfect production density for that category: audio books are dry as a bone, but animation shows off your voice in every character’s fantastic world.

Expert guidance.

VO2GoGo was created by, and each demo session is directed by, actor and producer David H. Lawrence XVII. His demo production and voiceover classes are multiple award winners, including the BACK STAGE Reader’s Choice Awards for Best VO Demo Production and Best VO Classes/Workshop. David is your mentor through the entire process, and is the producer and director of your demo – no handing you off to a rookie engineer.

High speed.

We also eliminate the wait – in some cases, you might wait weeks or months between recording your tracks and getting your finished demo. With VO2GoGo, you leave with your demo, on CD and in MP3, the day you lay down your tracks – you leave the studio ready to work.

No waiting.

Some people need coaching and prep classes to make their demos. But if you just want to get your demo done and get on with your voiceover career, VO2GoGo is for you. You’ll spend time talking about the business as well, but you’re good to go when the session is finished

Life support.

After you’ve done your demo with us, we become your secret weapon, helping you find the audition sites, answering questions about the industry, reviewing auditions while you get started, helping you navigate the industry – all for free. Other coaches and studios will charge you for that ongoing support.

Low cost.

VO2GoGo will not only help you create your commercial demo in near real time, each demo will cost you far less than you’d pay anywhere else in New York, London, Tokyo, Chicago or Los Angeles: just $999 for the entire session and finished product*. The going rate in Los Angeles is between $1500 and $8000 to have a demo produced in a commercial recording studio or with a voice teacher/coach. We think that’s just too much.

Even lower cost for Pros.

For clients who want complete support, with classes, demo production, home equipment, private coaching and more, we have a membership option called VO2GoGo Pro. For one low monthly rate, Pro members get all of our award-winning classes for free, all video classes for free, and all other services, including demo production, at 20% off, which drops the $999 cost down to $799 – a further discount on an already amazing value. If you’d like to get more information and join, visit the VO2GoGo Pro Membership page.


Here are a few actual demos, produced for VO2GoGo clients.

Female Commercial Demo #1 – Kara Revel
Female Commercial Demo #2 – Amber Brooke Wallace
Male Commercial Demo #1 – Jim Pirri
Male Commercial Demo #2 – Jerry Kernion
Female Narration – Jan MacIntyre
Male Narration – Jeffrey James Perry
IVR/Phone Prompts – Regan Harris
Female Animation/Videogame – Kathleen Kosche
Male Animation/Videogame – David H. Lawrence XVII

*NOTE: Prices are higher for animation/videogame demos due to the expanded writing and production effort involved.

And that’s what we do. It’s just that simple. Read through our information on how VO2GoGo works, listen to some of our VO2GoGo clients, get your questions answered with our articles (or ask one of your own), or contact David for further information or to set up an appointment: email him at davidlawrence@gmail.com or call 818-326-7700 anytime.

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