Karen-Eileen Gordon

Karen-Eileen-Gordon-3-smallQuirky, grounded, agile.
An actor since the womb, Karen-Eileen Gordon draws on decades of on-camera and stage experience, with a presentation that ranges from 25 to 44 and characters that range both younger and older, and with an oddball, new-age patina. Her training includes commercial copy, narration, specialty copy, digital info products, self-generated VO content, non-fiction audiobooks, children’s audiobooks and animation, stage and screen on-camera acting. Karen is skilled in recording both auditions and finished product with her home studio, and has a phone patch for clients to monitor sessions.
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David H Lawrence XVII:

“…awesome, funny, great for big brands.”

Career Prep

This is a series of ratings that reflect the amount of time and effort placed in various aspects of career development.




VO2GoGo classes taken

Mastering Home VO Gear, Mastering Microphone Technique, Auditioning With Audacity, Voicing Commercials – Part 1, Voicing Commercials – Part 2, Mastering the Art of Self Direction, Mastering ACX.com – Part 1, Mastering ACX.com – Part 2, Voicing Fiction Audiobooks, Recording for ACX with Audacity – Part 1, Recording for ACX with Audacity – Part 2, Voicing Non-Fiction Audiobooks, Mastering Cold Reading of VO Scripts, Voicing News and Info VO, Voicing IVR and Phone Prompts, Managing VO Clients and Projects, Voicing Documentary Narration VO, Voicing Animation And Videogames, Mastering Voice123 – Part 1, Mastering Voice123 – Part 2, Voicing Digital and Internet VO, Voicing Specialty Narration VO, Mastering VO Marketing, Creating Your Own VO Content, Voicing Trailers And Promos, Voicing Training And Industrial VO, Mastering VO Social Networking, Mutual Muscles, Mastering Perfect VO Demos – Part 1, Mastering Perfect VO Demos – Part 2, Mastering Voicebank, Mastering Voiceregistry, Becoming a Union Signatory, Annual Tuneup – Part 1, Annual Tuneup – Part 2, Finding A VO Agent, Children’s Audiobooks, LA-centric VO Marketing

Native languages

North American English
Parisian French

Accents and dialects

US: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Florida Panhandle
UK: Cockney, Received Pronunciation, Queen’s English

Home Equipment

Whisper Room Studio Booth
AudioTechnica AT2020USB+
Audacity / ProTools / Phone Patch
Quick Access to local Source Connect/ISDN studios

Service Area

Worldwide from Southern California

Union Status

Actor’s Equity


J Pervis Talent Agency
Agent – Jayme Pervis
404-688-9700 x2010

Contact information

Official Site – coming soon
Karen on IMDB
Karen’s blog
Voices.com – coming soon
Now Casting
Actors Access

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