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VO2GoGo.com is the home of a vibrant community of VO talent, providing training, private coaching, demo production, home equipment, daily support and more.

Get Started

Take our free Getting Started in Voiceover class, right here, online. You’ll find out exactly what you need to get started: we’ll help you build a roadmap to success, choose the right equipment, and show you the business skills you need to succeed in today’s VO universe. And you’ll work directly with David H. Lawrence XVII, our founder and lead instructor.

Live In-Person and Web-based Classes

Learn the voice skills, the technology, and business practices you need to succeed, all in a live, award-winning classroom setting, or live online via Zoom.us. We have a year long curriculum that takes you from zero to hero in VO. And you can take those classes in-person, or via Zoom on the web. Read more about VO2GoGo.com live classes.

Online Video Classes

Can’t attend live classes? No problem. We’ve expertly recorded them all on video. No matter where you live in the world, no matter what time of day or night you want to up your VO game, you can experience the VO2GoGo curriculum online, on-demand. And yes, all 37 courses. We call them vClasses. Read more about VO2GoGo.com video vClasses.

Pro Memberships

There are lots and lots of organizations around the country that will be happy to take your hard earned cash. We want to save you cash, so we created the VO2GoGo Pro membership that gives you the entire curriculum, discounts on gear, demos and coaching, and give you instant access to the VO2GoGo instructors and fellow Pro members – all while saving you lots of dough. Read more about VO2GoGo’s Pro membership options.

VO Demos

Your portfolio of opportunities (all those different avenues that you develop as income streams) rely on potential customers knowing what you’re capable of. And that means creating a portfolio of demos that do just that. We charge half the going rate in LA for our demos, and if you become a Pro, you get a further 20% discount. But it’s not about the price, it’s about quality. And VO2GoGo demos have won quite a few awards for their absolute authenticity. Read more about VO2GoGo’s demo production services.

Home Equipment

We have very specific choices for home equipment, that maintain high quality without costing you an arm and a leg. And if putting all that stuff together is a bit daunting, we can help with services that will get you up and running, in your own home, in less than two hours. All the equipment and software is included – and when we’re done, you’ll be ready to record. Read more about VO2GoGo’s home equipment options.

Private Coaching and Audition Prep

A classroom setting, either in person or online, is a great environment to soak up all there is to learn about VO. Sometimes, though, you want a more personal touch, in a private coaching setting. We call those VO Workouts, and you can book with David or any of the other VO2GoGo instructors for an hour or half hour of their complete and undivided attention. Read more about VO2GoGo.com private coaching and audition prep.

Shakespeare Screenplays

We specialize in training actors who have experience behind the mic, on-camera, and on-stage. And our founder created an app called Rehearsal® Pro. Shakespeare’s plays are often presented in folio format, but Rehearsal® Pro uses single page continuous format. So we’ve reformatted all of Shakespeare’s plays in standard US/UK screenplay format for use with Rehearsal® Pro. Read more about the Shakespeare Screenplays.

The Secrets of Screen Acting Podcasts

Our founder created a series of podcast episodes featuring the wisdom and guidance of Patrick Tucker, the author of Secrets of Screen Acting. You can listen to samples, and purchase the archives here. Read more about the Secrets of Screen Acting Podcast archives.

And more! Drop down the What We Do menu to explore all of our offerings.

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