Caroline Larson

Caroline Larson headshotBeautiful, elegant, flowing.

Concentrating on VO after a career in ballet, Caroline Larson connects directly with your audience, with an amazingly precise UK-based presentation that ranges from mid 30s to late 40s, and with a precise and caring approach. Caroline’s voice has a smooth, experienced, royal tone, and Caroline completely understands the branding goals of today’s retail and corporate advertiser.

Caroline has been preparing for a career in VO for decades, and her training includes voicing commercial copy, narration copy, audiobooks, the art of self direction and basic VO career management.

Caroline is skilled in recording both auditions and finished product with her home equipment, and has a phone patch for clients to monitor sessions.

Caroline has completed her commercial VO demo, and is working on other demos to fill out her portfolio.

Demo Portfolio

Commercial VO Demo

Audio Newsletter classwork

Medical Narration classwork

David’s Comments

“…beautiful and rich…received pronunciation…work is excellent.”

Career Prep

This is a series of ratings that reflect the amount of time and effort placed in various aspects of career development.





VO2GoGo classes taken

Getting Started In VO in LA
Finding a VO Agent
Training and Industrial VO
Trailers and Promos VO
Becoming a Union Signatory
Social Networking for VO Artists
Recording for ACX in Audacity
Mastering ACX
Auditioning with Audacity
Specialty Narration VO
News and Info VO
Managing Demos Part 1
Managing Demos Part 2
Home VO Gear
Childrens’ Audiobooks
Voicing Animation and Videogames
Voicing Fiction Audiobooks

Native languages

British English

Accents and dialects


Home Equipment

AudioTechnica AT2020 USB
Windows 7-based HP laptop
Phone Patch

Service Area

Worldwide from Southern California via MP3 delivery

Union Status


Contact information

Official Site
LA Casting

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