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The Neti Pot

Hey, there!

I’m going to warn you up front: what I’m about to share with you is not for everyone. I’m not even sure how I came to be comfortable with using this device, but I did. And since I started using it, I’m almost never stuffed up, never at a loss to do voice work because of congestion. I’ve never been more healthy, head-wise. But…it is a little…odd. Continue Reading →

How To Attach The AT-2020 To A Standard Microphone Stand

Hey, there!

The number one question I’m asked about this amazing mic, the AT-2020 USB Plus (in all it’s various incarnations, including the Plus) from audio-technica, is:

“Why won’t my AT-2020 fit on my mic stand?”

I got not one, but two emails and a frantic phone call in the last couple of days, all asking the same question.

The most desperate of the calls came on Friday morning.

Leticia was beside herself. Continue Reading →

Too Late, Melissa. You Already Are.

Hey there!

Several people made me aware of a Twitter thread discussing voice over training curriculums, in which my name came up.

Melissa opined that she’d heard “really good things about him” but that she’d also heard “he’s great if you’re an actor, but I’m just interested in audiobooks.”

Time for some tough Melissa love.

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