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Why Do They Keep Hiring Celebrities To Voice Stuff?

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How many times as an actor and VO talent have you asked that question, shaking your head as you did?

Beginning in the early 90’s, the myth that all voicework was done by VO-only talent, like Mel Blanc, June Foray and others, began to crumble.

Ever wonder how celebrities started getting cast as VO talent? And why?

Read on, or listen to the podcast version below. Continue Reading →

The Standing Wave

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Where in your home you choose to record your auditions (and record actual work, like when you get booked and you use your home studio and equipment) can have very different acoustics depending upon how that space’s walls, floors and ceilings are treated.

But none of those treatments will soundproof the room. So why use foam at all? Continue Reading →

What Content Can Be Used In A Demo?

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Copyrights are sacrosanct to me. The theft of intellectual property has become the norm with people who download movies, music and software without paying for them.

But your commercial demo (or any other demo, for that matter) doesn’t fall under that category.

In fact, you get special treatment. Continue Reading →