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The Crucial Piece Of VO Audition Real Estate We Totally Ignore

Hey there!

When you sit down to audition for a VO project, you probably have a process you follow.

It involves making choices, positioning the mic properly, fashioning an MP3 and making sure it’s in on time, yes? Going for quality, and hoping you’ve given them something they want.

I think there’s one thing, no matter what your process, that you’re probably paying too little attention to. And this one thing can be the difference between booking and not booking.

What do you think that might be? Continue Reading →

How To Get Out Of A Management Contract

Hey there!

My friend and client, Paula, has an issue with her current management company. Here’s what she wrote:


I could definitely use your help w/ something. I have more than a year left on my contract w/ a management company–but am dying to get out of it. Nine months w/ them and nothing to show for it. I have been hustling and working on my own through my own connections, yet they can’t even get me a meeting w/ an agent. I had better luck w/ my previous manager who didn’t have half the reputation and credibility that this current firm does. They congratulate all of my self-bookings and still proclaim to be fans, but obviously, this relationship isn’t working. My biggest fear now is booking something big on my own and having to give them a cut. Any help you can provide on this matter would be much appreciated.

— Paula

I wrote her back, and offered this advice: Continue Reading →

I’m Giving Away Secrets of Screen Acting

Hey, there!

It’s hard to believe how much better my acting life is than it was before I read Secrets of Screen Acting, by Patrick Tucker.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about going from just one episode on Heroes (that’s all my character was supposed to survive) to three seasons recurring on the show, you’ve heard me mention this book was, in large part, the reason that happened.

And even better: everything in this book is applicable to your VO career as well.

I am so excited – the 3rd edition is awesome.

So awesome, that I’ve decided to give a copy away. Maybe even two or three copies. Continue Reading →

Beware Of Actor Scams Like This

Hey, there!

This is urgent.

I spend a lot of time trying to make sure that the classes, demos, equipment, consulting and other VO services I offer are effective and useful, but ultimately, affordable and a great value.

Because I know how hard it is sometimes to make ends meet, especially for performers, and to make sure your money goes as far as it can.

That’s why I get so angry when I see something like this. And I rescheduled the post I had written for today, about getting out of management contracts, because I wanted you to be aware of this.

And if you would, please forward this to every actor you know – this is asinine. Continue Reading →

Why You Must Wear Headphones When Recording

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There aren’t many absolutes when it comes to creating art, including creating audio performances.

But…one thing I insist on is wearing headphones of some sort when recording. Some other VO coaches disagree, one going so far as to call it “aural masturbation.” The pros and cons are constantly debated, but I struggle to have a great deal of sympathy for people who don’t get comfortable and proficient at doing this, and simply refuse to do so. They are setting themselves up for failure, and a lot of extra work, otherwise.

(If you’ve worked in radio, you know exactly why you need to listen to yourself as you speak, don’t you? Yes, you do.)

Here’s a case in point. Warning: sadness ahead. Continue Reading →