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One Of Your Secret Weapons: Agility

Hey there!

I want to talk to you today about agility, and what advantages you get from being agile.

My schedule recently has been packed with getting Project X finished, an audiobook, and other performance demands. So, I found myself needing to get a last minute audition shot at a very weird time of day.

Here’s why that doesn’t ever need to matter.

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200 Auditions. 1 Booking. A Ghost. Really?

Hey there!

There’s an often quoted statistic that says that the average role receives over 1500 submissions, and that, on average, it takes a union actor 200 auditions to get a single booking.

Turns out that’s even more universal than we think, and for the same technical reason.

Barron’s article on job applicant “ghosting:” https://www.barrons.com/articles/job-applicant-ghosting-51547761704

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Why Union Members Can Audition For Non-Union Work

Hey there!

A proud union member for nearly 30 years, it pains me to hear the misinformation from both union and non-union talent about how both camps operate.

One thing I keep hearing from people is that if you’re in the union, you can’t audition for non-union work.

You can.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re a union dude/dudette, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Not me. Not if I want to stay straight with SAG-AFTRA.”

Actually, you are being just a bit too hard on yourself.

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