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How To Do Better At Videogame Auditions

Hey, there!

I had the opportunity to attend a union workshop recently, and the casting director stated something so simple about how to do better video game auditions, it made me wonder why I hadn’t shared this with you before. And I know it’s going to make a few of you (Graydon. Brian. Jennifer.) very, very happy.

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The Pin. The Avail. The Hold.

Hey, there!

You’ve auditioned for a spot. You’ve moved on and forgotten about it.

Out of the blue, your agent calls and says, “Congratulations! You’re on avail,” or “Congratulations! They put a pin in you.”

You scratch your head, and you reply, “Thank you – I think?”

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Talking Points When Networking

Hey, there!

Networking with other members of the voiceover community should come as naturally to you as breathing, whether the people you’re meeting are other VO talent, casting, writers, game designers, studio engineers or whatever.

I say “should.”

But for some of you, the lack of something brief yet potent to say to a stranger makes us stop dead in our tracks.

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The Most Important Facet Of Your Voice

Hey, there!

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times from prospective new clients: “I’ve always been told I do very funny voices.”

Which is great, when you’re entertaining kids or performing in talent shows or on open mic night at a comedy club.

But it’s hardly necessary or even a help when doing most kinds of voicework. There’s something far more important. Continue Reading →

What To Write In An Audition Note

Hey, there!

My client Bill Sarkisian writes:

“David…you have a very short, 1 sentence reply you use for [audition submission notes for] all jobs, right? Something like, “Hi, This is David, I’m an actor, play scary guys on TV.” Would you do a tip on that? I want to make mine short and succinct as well.”

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