Video Classes

They’re called vClasses. The “v” is for video.

Every month, these classes are required viewing before attending our live VO workout sessions. Or maybe you just prefer training in private, just you and David on your screen, with a rewind button so you can watch the good parts again and again.

No problem. All of the VO2GoGo classes are now available online, in video, and you can stream each lesson on your computer or mobile device.

Free VO2GoGo vClasses for Pro members released this month

To get 3 new vClasses free each month, become a VO2GoGo Pro, and enjoy additional benefits and savings.

Module 9: Non-Broadcast Skills (release month: September)
Voicing Trailers And Promos
Voicing Training And Industrial VO
Mastering VO Social Networking

To become a Pro, get free classes, the monthly workout sessions and more, sign up as a VO2GoGo Pro Complete, Pro or ProPlus member here.

Free VO2GoGo vClass for everyone

Take this class anytime you like, absolutely free of charge. Learn the basics of VO, how to create a plan, what tools and skills you’ll need and how to execute that plan.

Getting Started in Voiceover

(The Getting Started class is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for any of the VO2GoGo classes below.)

Complete VO2GoGo Curriculum

Here are all of the VO2GoGo voiceover courses, in skill-building order – the suggested order in which you should take the classes. Take the first video class on the list, Mastering Home VO Gear, and then continue down the line, for the complete curriculum.

Module 1: Science + Commerce Basics (release month: January)
Mastering Home VO Gear
Mastering Microphone Technique
Auditioning With Audacity

Module 2: Commercial Foundations (release month: February)
Voicing Commercials – Part 1
Voicing Commercials – Part 2
Mastering the Art of Self Direction

Module 3: Audiobooks I (release month: March)
Mastering – Part 1
Mastering – Part 2
Voicing Fiction Audiobooks

Module 4: Audiobooks II (release month: April)
Recording for ACX with Audacity – Part 1
Recording for ACX with Audacity – Part 2
Voicing Non-Fiction Audiobooks

Module 5: Information Skills (release month: May)
Mastering Cold Reading of VO Scripts
Voicing News and Info VO
Voicing IVR and Phone Prompts

Module 6: Management + Deeper Art (release month: June)
Managing VO Clients and Projects
Voicing Documentary Narration VO
Voicing Animation And Videogames

Module 7: Digital Commerce + Art (release month: July)
Mastering Voice123 – Part 1
Mastering Voice123 – Part 2
Voicing Digital and Internet VO

Module 8: You As Your Own Best Client (release month: August)
Voicing Specialty Narration VO
Mastering VO Marketing
Creating Your Own VO Content

Module 9: Non-Broadcast Skills (release month: September)
Voicing Trailers And Promos
Voicing Training And Industrial VO
Mastering VO Social Networking

Module 10: Demo Reel Mastery (release month: October)
Mutual Muscles
Mastering Perfect VO Demos – Part 1
Mastering Perfect VO Demos – Part 2

Module 11: Controlling Your Message (release month: November)
Mastering Audio Podcasting – Part 1
Mastering Audio Podcasting – Part 2
Mastering Voice Over Pricing

Module 12: Review + Representation (release month: December)
Annual Tuneup – Part 1
Annual Tuneup – Part 2
Finding A VO Agent

These are HD streams, hours of video that you can watch anytime you want, on your computer, your smartphone, your iPad or tablet, wherever. They’re just $90 each (free for Pro members).

As an added bonus for Pro members, not only do they get access to all of the videos above, David reserves the three monthly video classes for Pros to stream as part of their membership, at no charge. So go Pro now: VO2GoGo Pro users get them for free, so if available, sign up for the Pro membership and pay nothing for each of these featured monthly lessons.

If you’d like to be notified what classes are available each month, just sign up for the :60 SECONDS newsletter.

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