IVR Demo

The most profitable VO demo you can make.

Don’t need an explanation? Schedule your IVR/Phone Prompt demo session now.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response), or phone prompts (“For sales, press one. For service, press two…”) make more money for you, for the amount of work required, than any category of voicework, (and there’s more IVR voicework on Voice123 than almost any other category – think of all the phone systems out there).

Listen to a sample: Regan Harris

Having a custom, professional IVR demo will showcase and promote your ability to do this plentiful and profitable work.

Your IVR demo, produced from anywhere you are.

Now, VO2GoGo will produce your IVR demo with you, from wherever you are: home, office, hotel room, wherever, and send you your finished demo in about an hour, ready for upload to Voice123 and other sites, giving to your agent, placing on your website and more – giving your clients one more reason to hire you. Our clients’ success with IVR played a large role in VO2GoGo winning BACKSTAGE’s Readers Choice Award for Best VO Demo Producer (and Best VO Class or Workshop.

The cost is the same as all the other demos David produces.

IVR/Phone prompt demos are $999, payable by cash, check or credit card. This is well below the industry standard rates of between $1500 and $6000 that other studios, consultants and producers charge. And if you’d like an even better deal, join the VO2GoGo Pro or ProPlus program and get a further 20% discount.

Schedule your demo now.

You can get going immediately by clicking on the link below, and choosing a time that works for you:

Schedule your IVR/Phone prompt demo session by clicking here.

If you have any further questions, write David at davidlawrence@gmail.com, or call him at 818-326-7700 anytime.

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