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The stuff of heroes and history.

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Narration demos, or more accurately, documentary narration demos, show a client how you handle the voice that supports the picture in biographies, historical reviews, political accounts and more. The producers of shows that appear on PBS, The History Channel, Discovery, A&E, Biography, the Internet and DVD packages all are potential clients.

Listen to samples: Evan McNamara | Julia Silverman

And narration work is not just for deep-voiced men: female voices are used on shows that appeal to men, as well as productions for networks like We, The Food Network, HGTV and others that skew more female than male in viewership.

Relax, and let us do all the prep.

VO2GoGo’s documentary narration demo production session is designed to make a narration casting director or producer instantly resonate with your particular style. We choose narration copy that fits perfectly with your voice type and your personal interests. And we do it all in one session, with coaching and direction included – and you leave with your completed demo on CD and MP3 files in a couple of hours. Our narration demos played a large role in VO2GoGo winning BACKSTAGE’s Readers Choice Award for Best VO Demo Producer (and Best VO Class or Workshop).

The cost is remarkably low.

Documentary narration demos are $999, payable by cash, check or credit card. This is well below the industry standard rates of between $1500 and $6000 that other studios, consultants and producers charge.

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