In a world…where one VO talent…will survive and thrive. Movie trailers, TV promos, sizzle reels, web previews and other spotlight products can be found promoting every category of performance. And it’s not just the exclusive bastion of men any longer. Get both theoretical and practical work in the world of promos and trailers.

The business to business and training market is calling you. Training videos, website how-to’s, software installation, management and industrial process training are but a few of the products in this category, and the marketplace for these types of VO work span both union, non-union, domestic and international boundaries.

Click, tweet, email, like, plus and link your way to VO success. While reels, zed cards, cassettes, mailers, business cards and CDs had their day as ways for VO artists to connect with their clients, today’s marketing materials are often not physical at all – but rather ways to connect and market online. As social networks come and go, you’ll be able to master each one as a VO megaphone.

After you view these classes online, each month there is a choice of live workout sessions, where there is discussion about the month’s class material, and a question and answer period with the instructor. Then, attendees who have reserved Participant seats get up on mic, and work on various forms of VO copy, directed and adjusted by the instructor. MP3 recordings are sent to them via email.

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