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Forest – An App To Help You Focus

Hey there!

Trevor Algatt, here — I’m one of the L.A.-based VO2GoGo instructors.

I’m sure you’ve noticed:

The world is noisier than ever. News, email, mobile notifications, the siren call of social media… There are no limits to the demands on our attention, and giving in to these demands often means missing out on doing meaningful, productive, profitable work—especially as home-based VO artists.

Here’s an app that can help keep you on task. Continue Reading →


3 Must-Read ‘Mindset’ Books for Voiceover

Hey, there!

Trev here — VO2GoGo instructor for the monthly intensives in Hollywood.

Today, I’d like to share 3 “mindset” books that have informed and shaped my approach to creative work in huge ways. Books full of lessons, tools, and new language to wrap around age-old concepts. Books that bring clarity to that often foggy intersection of creativity and business—especially voiceover. Continue Reading →