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Believe 2018: A 21-Day Journey

— Live sessions complete. Now, get the recordings! —

We completed our 21-day online deep dive into identifying and destroying the limiting beliefs that stop us cold in our quest for success, and replacing them with powerful, supportive enabling beliefs will help you become the performing artist you’ve always dreamed of being. And now you get to take advantage of all that hard work.

Watch the video below. You’ll get all the key information you need in the first few minutes:

Click the ADD TO CART button now, and you’ll get instant access to the Believe 2018: A 21-Day Journey recorded assets. And yes. If you’re a VO2GoGo Pro, use your VO2GOGOPRO20 code to get 20% off the already amazing low price.

Key Details of The Program

21-day series of live video sessions
Every day for 21 days in a row (Aug 31-Sep 20, 2018), I’ll host a video session that you can join live. Each session will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific time and will last about 30 minutes. Everything is online and mobile friendly, so you can access the sessions from anywhere: your Mac, your PC, your tablet, your smartphone…whatever’s best for you that day.

(We’ve already finished the live sessions, but if you want to jump in, all the recordings from all of the sessions are yours forever. See below.)

You get all of the recordings
You get to keep the recordings of every session (video and audio, streamable and downloadable). So if you can’t make the live sessions, you can still follow along each day. Or go at whatever pacing works for you. I want this to accommodate any schedule.

Open chat to comment and connect
We have live text chat during the sessions, so you can comment and connect as we go and see what others are sharing. Learn from your fellow performers, not just from me. All chat logs are saved and shared the same day, and made available in both text and PDF formats, so you’ll get a copy of every community insight.

A caring and supportive approach
Let’s agree to cultivate a caring, supportive, and growth-oriented vibe, as performers usually are… with room for playfulness too. There’s no shame or guilt here. We focus on depth of understanding, practical solutions, and improving your results. Let’s have fun in a friendly and supportive way.

Deep and comprehensive
We cover the entire process of identifying and testing limiting beliefs, how you came to hold them, what payoffs you get when you live by those beliefs. We then come up with alternatives, new payoffs, and action items you can put into play to make the new enabling belief “stick.”

Adapts to your feedback
I’ll review the chat logs after each session and use that info to adapt our deep dive to your feedback. If you’d rather share private feedback, you can send comments to me via email. Let’s co-create the results you need, with you working through destroying and replacing your particular limiting beliefs.

Accessible pricing – $297 USD
Your cost is $297 all-in. That’s it. There aren’t any discounts, tiers, scholarships, refunds or big pitch anywhere along the way. This is priced to be an easy yes for every single one of my clients, students and 60 Seconds subscribers who want to participate.

(We’ve completed the live sessions, and the price remains at just $297, so if you want to jump in, the deal remains the same.)

Click the ADD TO CART button now, and you’ll get instant access to Believe 2018: A 21-Day Journey. And yes. If you’re a VO2GoGo Pro, use your VO2GOGOPRO20 code to get 20% off the already amazing low price.

Refer others, and get free private coaching
You can get private coaching with me, either via Zoom or in person. Just share the special link you’ll be assigned when you register, with your colleagues, friends and family. If 5 of them register via your link, you’ll get a half-hour-long coaching session via Zoom. 10 registrants, and you’ll get a private hour-long coaching session via Zoom. 25, and you can spend the afternoon getting coached in person with me here in LA (If you live outside the LA area, you’re responsible for getting here). How does all this happen? You’ll be assigned your own personal referral link when you register. Then share messages via email, social media, blogging, podcast, whatever you like. You’ll get a point for each one of your friends who sign up.

Why I’m Doing This

I realized something the other day. And it made me a little sad.

I answer fact-based questions about voice over and on-camera performance quickly and accurately for my clients and students all day long. But does that kind of question/answer provide deep and lasting support? Does knowing what mic or camera to use really help you achieve success? Or…would it be much more effective if I could help you identify and destroy the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming the performing artist you are destined to be?

If you say to yourself…
– I’m too old to get booked
– I need a better mike if I want to compete with the pros
– I hate auditioning because I never book anything
– I need to join the union as soon as I can.
– I’m not good enough to be doing this professionally. I’m just faking it.

…then let’s bring those beliefs out into the harsh light of day, test them, destroy them and get rid of them. Take a 21-day live video journey, a deep dive into identifying and destroying those limiting beliefs, and replace them with enabling beliefs that can “shave down the speed bumps” of your road to success. I’ll be there, live every day at 10am PT, starting August 31, and I’ll help you do just that. I’ll have a new limiting belief every day that we’ll deal with. Harshly.

For over 10 25 hours of live coaching, I could charge over $8000 – but I want everyone to participate, no matter what level they are at in their professional journey. So…I’ve priced this at just $297 for all of the recordings of the entire program. Live video, interactive coaching, that was held every day at 10am PT, and all were recorded so you could rest assured that even if you couldn’t attend all of them, you’ll have all the material. Video if you want to watch, audio if you want to just listen, and the chat logs, in both text and PDF, if you want to follow along with those that attended. You’ll have access to that forever.

Don’t put it off any longer. Break down the barriers that are erected by your limiting beliefs. Then, let the enabling beliefs you’ll create carry you toward your dream career as a performer. And I’ll have a special surprise for those who join me:

Click the ADD TO CART button now, and you’ll get instant access to Believe 2018: A 21-Day Journey. And yes. If you’re a VO2GoGo Pro, use your VO2GOGOPRO20 code to get 20% off the already amazing low price.

Click the ADD TO CART button now, and you’ll get instant access to Believe 2018: A 21-Day Journey. And yes. If you’re a VO2GoGo Pro, use your VO2GOGOPRO20 code to get 20% off the already amazing low price.

Reviews from Believe registrants:

Hi David! I wanted to drop you a quick line to say THANK YOU so much for the Believe program.

Given the time zone difference, I’ve been going through the replays during my day over here in Awstraya, and it’s been a highlight of my day every time. Your frankness talking about some of the changes you’re going through and the challenges you’ve faced in the past I imagine has the same effect on the live audience as it does listening to the replay, only magnified – letting folks be comfortable with being more vulnerable themselves.

And the way you’ve framed the process of forgiveness (and looking at other people’s actions is a gift. As someone with some (I believe) well-earned chips on my shoulder from the past, it’s the first lens I’ve looked through for not just letting go of things, but actually forgiving the other person. And after a difficult childhood, that’s a big help for how I’m approaching raising my own daughter.

So thank you, David. This experience is like a spring cleaning for my heart.

— Kevin P.

Hi David,

I am loving the BELIEVE course. THANK YOU!

I really appreciate you opening up and doing this for all of us. I have been in a 12 step program for the last 14 years and working on my co-dependency issues and the root of all of it. This is giving me another tool to help me up-level and find new menu items. It is also helping me spot and celebrate where I have already made a lot of progress.


— Dale H.

Hi David,

Thanks for the great session today! I’m catching up on yesterday’s session: “Don’t allow being tech-challenged to become a badge of honor.” You said it better than that, but it made me realize that I have a choice: to continue to be challenged, or to figure it out, or get help to figure it out. I still have a long way to go, but this got me off my duff.

Another one, that used to make me cry: “I’m giving you a permission slip to _______________.” The blank was usually related to saying it’s okay to make a mistake, rest easy, let it go. It was wrapped with still seeking approval, I think, but when I have people in my life whom I respect who validate me as a performer I hang on to those encouragements when the times get tough.

It takes me awhile to process the questions, so forgive my jumbled responses sometimes. I am thinking of an answer to first question, and then I hear second question and start thinking of that answer. And so on. I don’t think most people take as long as I do. I am given a lot to think about, and am uncovering limiting beliefs as I think throughout the day.

Thank you!

— Karen M.

Thank you for doing the Limiting Belief workshop. As a result of the workshop, I find myself pondering my limiting beliefs throughout the day. Empowering. Great. Again, thank you, David. Very meaningful work for me. Life changing.

— Neal B.

Oh my GOODNESS I want to be there EVERY DAY!!! A happy flood of auditions and work has kept me from Believe Live (I do somewhat credit the positive boost from the Believe training with you, and that first day!!!! POWERFUL!!!)…just letting you know I beam excellent mojo at you and the participants every day at 10am your time.

— Karen-Eileen G.

Hi David.

I wasn’t able to join live today (or tomorrow) but I just finished listening to (and participating by myself) in “Day One”. I can’t thank you enough for making this program available. I have several very entrenched limiting beliefs (surprise, surprise.😂) and I can really see how they’re slowing me down and holding me back. Today was transformative and freeing to say the least so please take whatever time you need to present the material and I hope you continue to reach out to “creatives”in the future with this series. It’s invaluable.

Thank you!

— Ginny H.


Love your sessions and REALLY appreciate the replacement suggestions. I also loved your comment today that if we were able to register and get to this webinar then we aren’t that “bad” at technology. Thanks for that encouragement at the start!

I thought of something that I know would help me and I suspect would help others. I can just imagine if some belief is really causing me trouble a few months from now and I want to go back and listen to the specific recording for that challenge it will be much easier to find it if they are labeled. Possible?

I’m making a really neat board of the LB along with the empowering phrase. I’m really charged about it. Thank you for all you do.

— Blair S.

Hi David,

I am thoroughly enjoying Believe 2018.

I hear the cliché, “think positive” and it annoys me because it’s not a practical solution to say that to another person. It’s like telling someone to “cheer up.” It is incomplete and ineffective.

This little journey of Believe 2018 actually gives teeth to that tired adage and is offering actual actions to become more positive and proactive.

Thanks for sharing it with others.

— Melissa B.

Hi David!

This is a great program. I am really getting into it. Self-worth and a positive self-image are the cornerstones to overcoming limiting beliefs. I was fortunate to have an epiphany when I was a pre-teen. It came over me in a wave one day when I was looking in the mirror. I was always a smart kid and a nerd, before the term was invented. I took lots of abuse from my peers. It would wear anyone down—coupled with teen angst it could be a killer, literally.

Anyway, I actually talked to myself in the mirror; something I never did before or since. I said, “You are not as bad as you think you are.”

From that moment on I built on that to forge a solid ego and philosophy. As long as I am the best I can be, without hurting anyone else, I do not need validation from anyone. This has served me well since then; particularly when I discovered I was gay.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have limiting beliefs, nor that I don’t need help overcoming them. That makes your program valuable to me.

However, the greatest value I see in this so far is repetition and reinforcement. Each day, I take a step closer and closer to unburdening myself.

Thank you.

— Ed V.

Hi David,

Thank you for the Believe sessions! I’m discovering that I really need to break negative thought patterns. I often resort to inner thinking of “I suck! I’m an imposter!! I shouldn’t even be here.” I want to replace that with “I am a work-in-progress. I may have made mistakes, and others may have pointed that out, and I can learn from that. I don’t have to waste my pain.” You say, “Don’t waste your pain.”

Also, I took a lot of time off from my career to invest in my family, and getting back into my career more (while still raising a family) is a challenge. Confidence has been low, but improving! Thank you!!! Also, switching from theater to voiceover and on-camera work is definitely a challenge, too. In professional theater situations, I feel more confident and at ease. In voiceover world, I’m growing in confidence. In on-camera situations, I feel like a newbie. It is my weakest area.

I need to abolish my “stinking thinking” and replace it with positive framing thoughts.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

— Karen M.

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Once you’ve experienced the 21-day journey, the Believe Journeyers Group is there for you, to help reinforce and strengthen your replacement beliefs, and to make all that work “stick”.

To dive deeper and more powerfully into lasting change and to refine and improve your belief system, click the button below and join. You’ll get instant access to all the benefits of the Believe Journeyers private Facebook group and the monthly Believe Journeyers online sessions:


16 Responses to Believe 2018

  1. Donya Giannotta August 18, 2018 at 1:40 pm #

    Thanks for this…gonna be cool!

  2. cansoff August 18, 2018 at 3:05 pm #

    I SO much need this! So looking forward to these sessions!

    • David H. Lawrence XVII August 18, 2018 at 3:36 pm #

      So glad you’ll be with us! Be sure to grab your custom link and share it with your friends.

  3. Matthew Hickner August 23, 2018 at 10:56 am #

    What is the deadline to sign up for this program? The reason I ask is I may need to do some travel due to family considerations and could miss about half of the sessions live. Those are my most limiting obstacles to my moving forward. Please let me know what the deadline is so I can get started. Thanks.

    • David H. Lawrence XVII August 23, 2018 at 12:03 pm #

      I imagine most attendees are in a similar situation, what with back to school things, fall stuff in general, and life itself happening. That’s why we give you the replays every day, the recordings, the chat logs, everything. The deadline for signing up is next Thursday, August 30, the night before we start.

  4. Dennis Marburger August 28, 2018 at 10:53 am #

    I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed your presentation style and demeanor from watching a majority of your VO streaming training’s on iActing Studios. I can’t wait to see how you address this topic. I’ve already posted my link on FB to all of my fellow actors, VO artists, and ANYONE wanting to achieve more in my DC/MD/VA – Phila area. Your “stage presence” is what made me want to sign up!

    • David H. Lawrence XVII August 28, 2018 at 6:02 pm #

      Yeah, I see you’re going to join us for the series! Awesome awesome awesome. So looking forward to it – and thank you so much for those kind words.

  5. Jeffrey Knecht August 30, 2018 at 3:32 pm #

    David, Really looking forward to this series.. A little boost will go a long ways. Thank you

  6. mbessp August 31, 2018 at 9:33 am #

    Excited for this program and to be with David for the journey! Nothing like being in collaboration with someone who has done it, continues to do it, and is stepping out to create a path for others to do it…it being the road to dissolving limited beliefs!

  7. Joseph Narducci September 5, 2018 at 10:31 am #

    I am signed up but have not been able to attend a live session yet. I hope to soon but look forward to sitting down and listening through each one so far. Best to you David as you lead and to everyone attending. May all of our walls to success come crumbling down.

  8. Dennis Marburger September 13, 2018 at 9:40 am #

    FYI – I can’t get into the feedback form?!?! Was just trying to send you some thoughts, but when I click on the “Click here”, nothing opens. My “Circular arrow” icon for refresh flashes off then back on very quickly, and the Believe logo (star/asterisk) in the tab also blinks on and off extremely briefly, but nothing else happens.

  9. David H. Lawrence XVII September 24, 2018 at 9:34 am #

    So loving this!


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