Confirmed. Here’s your bonus!

You’re all set.

checkmarkYou’re confirmed, and are already safely ensconced on the 60 SECONDS list. You will get the very next issue.

And as promised, your free vClass is all ready for you. The VO2GoGo team has been hard at work preparing your Getting Started in Voiceover experience, personalizing the information just for you.

The vClass is called Getting Started in Voiceover, and it takes you step by step through the process of how to build a successful VO career.

This Getting Started course, all ten lessons, is absolutely free. There is no charge at any time to take this vClass. You’d be surprised how many people write me and ask, “Really??” Really.

Click the Pre-Launch Instructions button below for a short pre-launch orientation on how to get the most out of the VO2GoGo vClasses.

If you aren’t yet logged in, when you get to the pre-launch orientation, you’ll be shown how to log in. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

See you in class!

vClass Pre-Launch Instructions
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