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The most important VO demo in your portfolio.

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When potential clients or VO casting people ask you if you have a demo, they usually mean a commercial VO demo: a collection of clips culled from your work on radio, television or Internet commercial spots.

Listen to sample: Kara Revel | Tom Derek

Your commercial demo can be the difference between getting or not getting the audition (or the job) – the amount of care and patience you take with the production of your commercial VO demo is arguably the most important effort you make in perfecting your VO tools.

Yes, we do things differently.

The whole goal with VO2GoGo’s commercial demo production session is to quickly and expertly create a commercial demo for actors that best exemplifies the actor’s natural, marketable voice. And we do so with some pretty remarkable differences from other producers.

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We spotlight their category and style, and to draw a casting director or agent’s attention to their ability to work variances in that style. And we do it all in one session, with coaching and direction included – and you leave with your completed demo on CD and MP3 files in a couple of hours. This process’ success played a large role in VO2GoGo winning BACKSTAGE’s Readers Choice Award for Best VO Demo Producer (and Best VO Class or Workshop.

The cost is amazingly low.

Commercial demos are (as are all other demos we produce) $999, payable at the conclusion of the session by cash, check or credit card. This is well below the industry standard rates of between $1500 and $6000 that other studios, consultants and producers charge.

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