It’s So Easy To Forget The Simple Stuff

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As I was getting ready to release the first episode this morning (it’s released now!) of the free VO Booking Blueprint class I put together for you, it struck me how often in life we miss the simple stuff, and it can easily trip us up.

We forget our wallet or phone as we head out the door.

We walk into a class without a notebook.

We order something online without checking reviews or prices – we just assume Amazon is the cheapest.

And with the velocity of VO auditioning? Hoo boy…

The same things can happen when we’re getting an audition together for a voice over gig, and that’s what I talk about in this first lesson of the Blueprint.

We are so familiar with the simple basics, and so worried about doing things that are more complicated that we stumble when we submit our auditions, not sounding our best and hurting our chances for success (and booking the gig!)

In this lesson, I show you the most common basics we overlook when auditioning.

I also show you easy ways to avoid missing that simple stuff – to make your auditions sound amazing.

You can find the VO Booking Blueprint (and instantly register for it) here:


(There will be two more lessons in the next several days – I’m putting the finishing touches on them now.)

Hope that helps.


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