Go Pro. Master VO. All In SoFlo.

Want to take your VO career to a pro level while saving money? The VO2GoGo Pro or ProPlus membership is for you.

This is a private page for South Florida Pro candidates. Do NOT share this URL. Thanks!

So many of David’s students (and now, Karen’s, in South Florida) have really dedicated themselves to persistent, deep and thoughtful work on their VO practice with him. If you want to learn every voiceover skill you can, create a strong and deep demo portfolio, perfect your auditions, map out focused marketing and career management strategies, then the VO2GoGo Proprogram is for you.

David’s philosophy from the start has been to offer world class products and services to clients at market-beating prices. The VO2GoGo Pro South Florida membership takes that philosophy to an even deeper cost-effective level.

Here’s what’s included:
– Early access to all VO classes, on a first-come-first-served basis
– A 48 hour window to sign up for classes before they are opened to the public
– Free admission to each months’ live classes (a $250 monthly value)
– Free video classes (another $240 per month in value)
– 20% discount on all VO Workout private coaching sessions:
$100 $80 for a half hour
$175 $140 for an hour
– 20% discount on all VO Demos: $999 $799
– 20% discount on home gear installs: $500 $400
– 20% discount on VO2GoGo.com custom pages
– Monthly Pro-only teleconference call via phone or web
– A Pro-only resource area here on VO2GoGo.com

The Pro membership is all-inclusive. That’s it. You’ll save more than that each month on paying for the classes alone, or with one demo. Payments are automatic, via PayPal, every month.

Ready to join? Click on the Add to Cart button below to become a VO2GoGo Pro member:

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If you have any questions, call David at 818-326-7700, or email him at davidlawrence@gmail.com.

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