What Social Networks Should VO Talent Use?

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Indeed. What networks should they use? And more importantly, what should they say/tweet/post/pin/link and so on?

That depends on your goal. And you can help shape that by asking one important question.

“Who is my audience for what I’m about to post?”

Is it the VO casting and production community? Other VO artists? Fans? The world at large?

That answer will actually vary based on the particular social network you’re looking at.

As an example, you’re more likely to reach professional peers and the casting/production community on LinkedIn, as opposed to the fan base you’ve created on Twitter or Pinterest. You can reach both on Facebook and Twitter, but you’d probably have a different message for each of those audiences.

Let the audience be your guide as to what types of information you present on each of these networks.

As usual, your mileage may vary.

We do have a whole class on mastering social networking that you might want to grab. We update it every year.

Hope this helps!


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