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Check Your Home Router For This Vulnerability NOW

Hey, there!

As part of the Science category of what we teach in the VO2GoGo curriculum, I want you to be use best practices when using technology – and that means being aware of and keeping yourself protected from attempts to compromise your system.

Today, I want you to know about and test your system to see if you’re subject to a particularly nasty security hole in your home internet system’s router. And it couldn’t be more simple to do – no tech savviness needed at all. Here’s the skinny – and I’d do it NOW. Continue Reading →

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling – Rule 2

Hey there!

I love talking about about storytelling, and how important it is to your VO career to develop and hone your storytelling skills.

It’s essential.

So, every so often, I like to roll out items from this list from Emma Coats, who used to work at Pixar as a story artist, and who serially tweeted Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

I’m giving you one of these rules every so often as we move through the next several months, along with how you can apply the rule to your VO artistry.

Today, Rule 2… Continue Reading →

Approaching Auditions Differently Than Work

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In everything we do as storytellers and performers, it seems the same principles apply whether it’s on-camera or on-mic.

And if you read carefully, almost every article in magazines like Backstage, that point out best practices in stage or on-camera acting, all have similar applications to voice over talent.

A recent article by Anthony Meindl is a great example: it’s about what to pay attention to when auditioning. And although the words point to what to do when auditioning on stage or on-camera, here’s how you can use what Anthony says when you find yourself in front of a mic for a VO audition. Continue Reading →

Lost SOSA Episodes…Found!

Hey, there!

I’ve told the story often about how one bit of training I got made a huge difference in my acting career.

(And although what I’m about to share with you has the words “screen acting” in it, it also applies perfectly to VO.)

And that one bit of training, the Secrets of Screen Acting podcast, just got a fair bit more interesting and helpful.


Because 22 previously lost episodes were recently found. And you can have them at no extra charge. Continue Reading →

4 More Secrets of VO

Hey, there!

I used to write for Backstage about VO (no time any more to do that).

You’ve honored me with a bunch of their Readers’ Choice Awards (plenty of time to do more of that).

So I get a warm feeling when I see an article about VO in Backstage.

And the one I just read, and want to share with you, is a short and sweet one. Continue Reading →