Bring Your Brand No Matter What The Breakdown Says

Hey, there!

One question comes up over and over and over when I talk to my lovely VO clients.

“How can I tell what they want?”

They, being casting entities, like casting directors, assistants, associates, game producers, writers, directors, and the like.

And I have a very simple, but somewhat non-intuitive answer:

Here it is:


As professionals, we go after training in how to do an audition, and included in that training is how to read a script, how to read a breakdown, and how to prepare an audition that will help us show the casting person what we’re capable of doing, and how we’d perform if booked.

Logically, you want to read the breakdown to see what they have in mind.

But sometimes, they don’t know.

And always, they want to see your choices.

Even if they do know what they want, you might surprise and delight them with your own particular take.

So, don’t worry about what they want.

Give them you.

Bring your brand.

Serve the story, and don’t be destructive to their script, but always make the choice to bring you and your brand to the party.

No matter what the breakdown says.

I know that’s asking a lot from you if you’re a natural people pleaser. Making sure someone gets what they want and need is important to you.

But this is about being authentic and effective.

And it’s about booking work.

You’ll book more work if you make bold choices, choices that show off your brand and and put on display your authentic self.

The next time you prep a VO or on-camera audition, remember to bring you to the party. Your brand, your choices.

No matter what the breakdown says.

Ever have a situation where your take on something you were auditioning for was different from what they asked for? What was that like? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope this helps.


2 Responses to Bring Your Brand No Matter What The Breakdown Says

  1. Nathan December 6, 2014 at 8:50 pm #

    Absolutely brilliant advice!!

  2. Debby Barnes December 7, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    TOTES agree with Nathan! Cheers, DHL XVII. :)

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