Looking For A Survival Job?

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I was talking to a new client recently, and he was asking about what to do for money, so he could pursue his VO career.

Financial safety is one of the prerequisites for having a calm, centered and effective approach to a performer’s existence. Trying to figure out how to pay the rent, where your next meal is coming from or how to pay for classes can be completely frustrating to an artist.

In the past, I’ve given you a few tips on what to do about achieving financial safety, and even recommended a survival job or two.

And I found a site that lists survival jobs as they become available, and I want you to know about it.

It’s called Survival Jobs for Actors, and it’s a site that delivers just what it says: survival job leads, opportunities and advice on how to score them.

It’s run by Michelle Dyer, an actor herself.

And the listings are available for free – she doesn’t even ask you to register for the site.

Here’s an excerpt from the About page on the site:

Michelle can still remember sitting on the floor of AEA, packed in for an audition, scooting from friend to friend asking for temp agency recommendations. “There has to be a better way” she thought… and Survival Jobs for Actors was created. This site is a resource for actors, so they are able to pay the rent while following their dreams!

This site has listings and advice for non-acting work, which are often referred to as Survival Jobs.

They were recently featured in Backstage, and they have listings for Los Angeles, New York and other locations.


Hey, maybe you have some advice for fellow performers on how to find a survival job. Or maybe you’d like to share your absolute favorite, or absolute worst survival job you’ve ever had. Do so in the comments below.

Hope this helps!


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