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There are two steps to learning the VO2GoGo curriculum every month: watch any of the classes online, then participate in the live workouts, bringing your questions, discussion points and challenges to that session.


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Each month, you’ll watch the classes of your choice, completing them before you attend any of our live Workout Sessions. There, we’ll discuss the content, you’ll get questions answered, and workout on-mic.

You can watch them online, right now, on your computer, your smartphone, your tablet – wherever you like. But do go online on your computer to the first lesson, and download the PDF of Notes and Clips, via the link above Lesson 1’s video.

For those who start the curriculum in January, we recommend 3 new classes each month (but if you’re a Pro Complete member, you can take any class you want at any time). For month-to-month Pros, these are the suggested classes for this month to watch prior to your Workout Session so you can participate in the discussion, Q and A and workout.

Module 9: Non-Broadcast Skills (release month: September)
Voicing Trailers And Promos
Voicing Training And Industrial VO
Mastering VO Social Networking

Once you’re finished watching all your classes, be sure to sign up for one of the live, online or in-person discussion and workout sessions listed below.

Online Workouts via Zoom:

  1. Live online via Zoom with David
  2. Live online via Zoom with Karen-Eileen
  3. Live online via Zoom with J. Rodney
  4. Live online via Zoom with Trevor
  5. Live online via Zoom with Max and Victoria

In-Person Workouts:

  1. In Burbank, CA with David
  2. In West Hollywood, CA with Trevor
  3. In Lake Elsinore (Inland Empire), CA with Max & Victoria

All Classes

Listed below are all the classes in the complete VO2GoGo voice over curriculum. If you’re a Pro Complete member, you have access to any class in the curriculum immediately. (If you’re a month to month Pro subscriber, then three new classes will be released to you each month.)

You may take (or re-take) any of them at any time, and you have lifetime access to all courses you are given access to.

Module 1: Science + Commerce Basics

Module 2: Commercial Foundations

Module 3: Audiobooks I

Module 4: Audiobooks II

Module 5: Information Skills

Module 6: Management + Deeper Art

Module 7: Digital Commerce + Art

Mastering Voice123 – Part 2

Auditions And Work

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Module 8: You As Your Own Best Client

Module 9: Non-Broadcast Skills

Module 10: Demo Reel Mastery

Module 11: Controlling Your Message

Mastering Audio Podcasting – Part 2


Mastering Audio Podcasting – Part 2
Take what you learned in Part 1, and put it into use producing, publishing, promoting and profiting with your podcast. Learn how create a format and workflow for each episode, how to record, edit and master solo and group podcasts, how to choose a podcast platform, and use it to promote your episodes and a dozen different ways to monetize your podcast.

The skills you’ll get:

– how to record easily, and tag your podcasts so they can be discovered
– making the publishing process a snap for each episode
– ways to promote your podcast like mainstream media does
– the different methods and currencies for monetizing your podcast
– and more

Hope this helps! David

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Module 12: Review + Representation

Annual Tune-up – Part 1

Gear, Demos And Performance

See more...

Annual Tune-up – Part 2

Marketplace, Clients And Promotion

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Extension Classes

(additional classes to round out your experience)

If. Either join our Pro group to get your classes for free, or purchase them individually.

If you’re a monthly Pro member, and you don’t see a class you want to take listed above, it’s because you don’t yet have access to it. If you want to take a class out of order (early or late), choose the class from the menu below and you’ll be taken to that class’s first lesson. And if you’re a Pro, be sure to use your vo***********20 coupon code at checkout:

My Achievements

Here, you will be awarded points and badges for almost everything you do with the site: take classes, pass quizzes, attend workouts, take private coaching and more.

My Badges

NOTE: If the badge for a particular class is dimmed, then you haven’t yet completed that course and passed its final exam. Do that, and you’ll automatically be awarded the badge for that class.

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Top Achieving VO2GoGo Clients

Points and badges awarded beginning 1/29/2017.
Report missing badges to david@vo2gogo.com.

Users receive:
100 points – Completing each class online
100 points – Attending a live workout
50 points – Attending the monthly ProConnect Live

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