Updating Two Social Networks At Once: Facebook and Twitter

Hey, there!

I love time-saving software.

And today, I’m going to save you time with all of your tweeting and facebooking, far beyond your current efforts to use these social networks to promote your VO practice.

We cover this in Mastering VO Social Networking, but here’s an overview.

How do you not have to post the same thing twice?

If you engage others in social networking, and you’re on both Twitter and Facebook, you may find yourself tweeting something, and then immediately turning around and updating your status on Facebook with that same content.

You may even copy your tweet, just before you hit the “tweet” button, and then hightailing it over to Facebook to paste the tweet into your “What’s on your mind” box.

Oh, you’re going to love this.

You can have Facebook pull your content from Twitter, so you really only have to do the content work once. Using the Twitter app on Facebook ( – then manage the app via Account Settings –> Apps –> Twitter) you can have Facebook watch your Twitter stream, and pick up your tweets, republishing them as status updates on Facebook. All automatic, 24/7/365.

You can even get more granular: with another Facebook app, Selective Tweets (, you can choose to only pull those tweets over that you decide are worth sharing on Facebook by adding #fb to the end of your tweets – all the rest of your tweets will appear in your Twitter stream only.

You may get some push-back from purists who don’t want mixing of the networks, but it’s about your time management, not their way of doing things, right?

Here’s the complete rundown on how to do it at Twitter’s site: – enjoy.

What social networks do you appear on? How do you manage the updating of all of your social presences? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope this helps.


5 Responses to Updating Two Social Networks At Once: Facebook and Twitter

  1. Veleka Gray April 27, 2018 at 6:21 am #

    Very good use of time, David!

  2. Jackie Goldston April 27, 2018 at 6:38 am #

    Selective tweets is what i’ve been yearning for! Thank you, David!

  3. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH COTHERN April 27, 2018 at 7:12 am #

    I did not know you could do that? Thank you so much!

  4. Laura Dowling Shea April 27, 2018 at 7:45 am #

    This is great. I will use it very selectively. I have entirely different approaches to each network. I post mostly just photographs of places and things on IG. I have a link to my website and other social media in my profile if someone is intrigued and wants to know more, but I like that IG is just photos, not a lot of words and I don’t post about acting or family really at all. Just my photos. Love to take photos. I use FB for pretty much everything. Personal, professional, some social commentary but not politics, keep it pretty pure. You can tell some of my views but mostly it’s family and ooo goodie goodie, look whats happening in my professional life, BUT then I have separate pages for my films and I ‘share’ those on my personal FB page but try to spread them out, so, for example, I’ll post a picture of me and my kid, a picture of a flower, a funny joke, a touching story, then a share about work. I have a lot of actor friends on FB And I think it gets super boring if it’s ALL acting ALL the time, and I’m an actor so I figure if Im bored imagine what my friends and family NOT in the industry feel when I post over and over again about work so I try to spread it out! It’s hard because of course I am excited by it so want to share!
    Then there is twitter. Those feeds move so fast that I put anything and everything out there about professional AND political. I get pretty political on twitter, but I don’t share ANYTHING intimate (personal, kid, husband etc). So that’s a lot of curating but I enjoy it and I like that my posts are not the same, pretty much ever, across platforms. One of the reasons I take such care to curate differently across platforms is because there is a lot of overlap in my audiences between those three platforms. I know I get really bored and sick of seeing the same post from the same person on three platforms, it’s like, “I KNOW already” and I scroll fast and am less likely to engage. But that is probably more reflective of my nat like attention span! :)

  5. Janice Haines April 29, 2018 at 6:37 pm #

    Greetings David,

    This is fascinating and most useful. I usually don’t answer your postings, but I absorb the information.

    Thank you for your time in sending to me.

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