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The Perfect Password-Theft Cure – Dashlane

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This falls under the category of defending the success of your VO career via technology…keeping your passwords safe from malware that is out to steal them.

You’ve probably heard about (or maybe been affected by) any number of malware attacks that place software on your machine, and intercept your communications – supposedly safe, encrypted communications – including your passwords.

Every site that has contacted their users after one of these attacks has had one message: change your password for our site.

Every site, that is, except for one – because they were completely protected. Continue Reading →

Why You Don’t Have To Beg For Feedback

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One of my lovely clients, Susan, wrote me recently. She was distraught.

She had been asking one of her high-profile clients, an author with a series of books she’d been hired to narrate via ACX, for feedback on her work. She was concerned because she was getting quick approval on her first 15 minutes, and then — radio silence.

But she was concerned about something else. Continue Reading →

Why I Fired A Client

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In our attempts to gather customers, to super serve them, to make sure they are happy, to completely satisfy them, to surprise and delight them — there is an exception to be made.

And that is the client that must be fired.

Why would you do that? Read on. Continue Reading →

My Gear: Products I Use In My Voice Over Practice

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I’ve not only been asked countless times to recommend the microphones, computers, editing equipment and other technology I personally use, but have also written about the more mundane but really useful things I use (like my chair). One of my amazing Pros, Jonathan, suggested that I compile a list, and keep it updated, of those things I both recommend and use myself.

Not a bad idea. Continue Reading →