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Storytelling: No Longer An Optional Skill – Part 1

Hey, there!

I spend a lot of time preaching how what we do as voice over talent all boils down to one thing: excellent, authentic storytelling.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that storytelling is now as essential a skill to us as coding, good manners, tying a proper square knot, getting paid at least what you’re worth, and other life-dependent core strengths.

Here’s why. Continue Reading →

How To Backup Your Performance Work

Hey, there!

You’ve heard me talk in class and at workshops about the importance of having backups for all of your work, especially long term projects like audiobooks.

There’s nothing quite as depressing as losing a lot of work you’ve done, especially against a deadline.

In the VO2GoGo Managing Clients and Projects class, I describe my admittedly insanely overengineered backup process.

But I think it’s so important, I’ve decided to share it with you here. And for a very special reason.

Because you shouldn’t be backing up for disaster, you should be backing up for quick recovery. Here’s what I mean. Continue Reading →

Seven great VO success questions

Hey, there!

I’m a member of a number of LinkedIn VO groups, and in one of them, someone asked how they could tell if they would be successful at VO.

And before I could answer with my ideas, a guy named Dave Wallace pointed the poster to seven great questions to ask before jumping into VO as a career.

Here they are. Continue Reading →