Supporting Your VO and Acting Habit

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Getting started and continuing to grow your VO and/or practice is a challenge.

And yet, there’s a drive in all of us to achieve the goal of a thriving career. But how do you support that career in the days, weeks and months before you can make a living doing VO and acting, without it taking over your life, and your eye off the survival ball?

I’ve got some help for you.

It’s having a little side business.

I’ve gone on and on and on in class and at actor/VO support meetings about my friend Kristine Oller – she’s that important to me as one of my advisors. And she’s created a really fantastic program designed to help you create what she calls Your Little Side Biz, and I thought you might like to know about it.

I don’t get any spiff if you click the link to go check it out – but I guarantee you that you’ll learn something that will change your life.

That’s what Kristine has done for me.

Here’s your challenge: succeeding as an actor or a voice over artist – especially in LA – requires that you somehow figure out how to maintain a flexible schedule and a solid source of income.

Here’s my solution: Your Little Side Biz is the ONLY how-to course designed specifically to teach actors and voice over artists how to create and run a profitable side biz to fund your artistic pursuits – AND it is taught by someone who did exactly that.

Kristine Oller built her own side biz from scratch, ditched her day job, and was able to support herself with a completely flexible schedule throughout the decade that she was working as an actor.

She has since helped dozens of actors start new little side businesses (or take the ones they had and make them even more profitable.)

This is life-changing info, taught by someone who truly wants actors to thrive.

All the details are right here:

I can’t recommend Kristine (and anything she does) highly enough. You may even know her from The Actors’ Network, where she was my Power Group leader for years.

Again – this is the kind of thing that can help you maintain your persistence and dedication – not being stressed about money. Do check it out.

Hope this helps.


2 Responses to Supporting Your VO and Acting Habit

  1. Bill Sarkisian August 24, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

    Thanks David! The Supporting Your VO and Acting Habit and Kristine Oller’s advice caught me at a wierd transitional moment, I needed to hear this.

    Thanks pal!


  2. Kara September 7, 2015 at 5:14 pm #

    i LOVE me some kristine oller. everything she does, says, and offers (products and advice) is top notch. your little side biz is no exception… excellent recommendation.

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