The Job In Every Commercial Script

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I teach, in my Voicing Commercials – Part 1 and Voicing Commercials – Part 2 classes three simple things that will change how you audition for commercials forever.

The second one is a job.

If you help accomplish that job, everything falls into perfect rhythm, and your auditions become extraordinary.

Here’s how.

It’s not your job, auditioning or voicing the script, but rather the job the listener is trying to do, the life changing task they are trying to accomplish. If you understand this going in, your auditions and performance will be greatly enhanced.

(In another episode, I talk about analyzing the copy you’re about to voice, and identifying the secret you’ll reveal to the listener or viewer. And in yet another episode, I talk about the problem the listener has that you’ll solve when you reveal that secret to the listener or viewer. All three of these things work in unison with each other, and complement each other.)

And once you reveal that secret, it will solve a problem for the listener or viewer, a problem that they may not even know they have – and it will help them accomplish their job.

There’s really no reason to advertise a product that doesn’t help the listener do their job: get younger and healthier, be respected and loved by your family and friends, save money and get more value, improve the quality of your existence, feel safe and secure.

Whatever that job is, a commercial will help them get it done.

Once you identify the job the listener has given themselves, and you make helping them get that job done your mission, you move away from cosmetic concerns, like trying to make the words sound good or your voice deeper or sexier or more friendly.

You instantly start thinking about the more concrete, authentic mission of telling the story of how your product or service can solve that problem, and help them do that job.

And know that the jobs they give themselves aren’t just functional – they are life-changing, transformational jobs. Rather than washing clothes and getting them cleaner, we’re talking being considered a supermom and making your family proud. Not just driving a new car, but having the feeling of pride and accomplishment when drive that new car. And instead of stopping a cough, they want to feel better, get back to work, and not have to be isolated from society.

Identifying the listener’s job before you start to voice the copy, and knowing that what you say will help solve that problem, will instantly deepen and solidify your approach to that voicing taks, and connect you fully to the product or service you’re describing.

As you decide who your audience of one is, clearly define their job as soon as you pick up the copy. It will help you discover the secret you’re to reveal, and the problem the listener or viewer has to solve.

They all work together – and instead of reading words well on the page as your metric for success, think about how you’re going to help the listener with their job, solving their problem, and doing so with the secret your product or service has to offer.

Hope this helps.


4 Responses to The Job In Every Commercial Script

  1. Guy Whitlock February 13, 2018 at 6:42 am #

    Excellent advice. Thank you!

  2. Paul Rousse February 13, 2018 at 6:45 am #

    Makes a lot of sense, David. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Trish Bell February 13, 2018 at 10:43 am #

      LOVE this, I have heard it before…there’s a problem and a solution always, thanks for refreshing my memory.


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