The Secret In Every Commercial Script

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I teach, in my Voicing Commercials – Part 1 and Voicing Commercials – Part 2 classes three simple things that will change how you audition for commercials forever.

The third one is a secret.

No, really. Find that secret, and your world is a brighter place, and your auditions become extraordinary.

Here’s how.

Let’s work backwards in the advertising and sales process.

4. People buy things because they want to solve a problem.

3. Companies make things and offer services for people to buy.

2. Companies advertise the benefits of their products or services to inform customers how the products or services will solve problems.

1. The benefits of those products or services are described in the advertising, and…here it is…are revealed as valuable secrets – secrets that you get to share with the viewer or listener as the VO talent.

(Customers make it their mission to solve that problem – it becomes their job. In another episode, I talk about analyzing that job that the listener is trying to accomplish, and how knowing what that job is is so crucial. And in yet another episode, I talk about the problem the listener has that you’ll solve when you reveal that secret to the listener or viewer. All three of these things work in unison with each other, and complement each other.)

How you share those secrets, even knowing what each secret is, can give you a distinct advantage in your audition, over everyone else that’s simply going for cosmetic improvements in their reads. Instead of just sounding more “up” or “bright” or “deep”, you, by knowing the secret, will be more authentic, connected and truthful.

Sometimes, the secrets are actually called “secrets” in the copy (“the secret to our success?”, “11 secret herbs and spices,” and “Ancient Chinese secret, huh??” are just three famous examples), but the secret is always there: the product or service saves you money, does more, makes you sexier, look younger, feel better, cures your boredom, removes warts, whatever.

How do you find the secret in your copy?

By reading the copy and looking for what are called “discriminators,” the features or benefits of the product or service that separates it from everything else on the market, or from not using the product at all.

Once you discover that secret, you deliver the copy from a more confident perspective, because you understand exactly what the product is meant to do for the consumer. And once you reveal that secret in your voicework, you’ll solve a problem for the listener or viewer that they may not even know they have.

And that problem?

I’ll help you with that too. Stay tuned.

Hope this helps.


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  1. Catherine Cahill April 13, 2016 at 12:42 pm #

    I love getting these weekly emails of insider information and encouragement from David. This week’s is particularly great since it gives me a fresh perspective on voice commercial auditions which I will want to do in the near future. Thanks David!

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